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Want to run your own CarzSpa Studio? Here’s how.

Are you someone who just can’t get enough of cars?

Do you end up discussing the sleek curves of the McLaren GT and BMW Z4 every time you meet your buddies over chai coffee?

Are you also aware that the Indian automotive industry is the 4th largest in the world and that the car detailing industry is worth over a whopping Rs. 30,000 crores?

Then this blog is for you! This is the complete guide for you to channel your passion and knowledge of cars and become an expert detailer and a successful entrepreneur as a CarzSpa Detailing Studio car franchise owner in India.

Is running a car franchise in India for detailing lucrative?

Running a car franchise in India for detailing is a profitable venture due to the growing demand for car washing services in India. Many car detailing franchises have emerged, offering standardized services like car washing, waxing, polishing, and interior cleaning. Franchisees can benefit from established brand recognition and marketing support from the franchisor. However, the success of a car franchise in India for detailing depends on factors such as location, competition, pricing, and customer service. CarzSpa Detailing Studios is a preferred brand for starting a car detailing business. Listed below is the 10-step process to begin as a CarzSpa Detailing Studio franchise.

Step 1: Connect with CarzSpa's Team

Trust us, it’s not rocket science! The first step is to share your details with our car franchise support team and we will reach out to you. Visit, click on ‘Franchise Opportunity’ and fill in your name and contact details. Another way to reach out to us is to simply call us on +91 99040 89900, and our franchise support manager will guide you further.

Step 2: Understanding the basic requirements

Once you have been briefed by our franchise support team about the benefits and profit of running a car detailing studio instead of another much costlier car franchise in India or a not-very profitable franchise providing car washing services in India, you need to get started with the basics.

First, acquire space of at least 1500 sq. ft. to build your detailing studio. Second, you will need an investment of about ₹18 lakhs plus another ₹10-15 lakh on infrastructure, to set up your CarzSpa Detailing Studio, purchase the required equipment and hire and train the team required to run the studio. And most important of all, you must be willing to give this business at least 3-4 months to start earning profits and 12-18 months to completely recover your investment!

Step 3: Picking the right location & layout for studio setup

The CarzSpa franchise support team backs you up in every stage of starting your dream car franchise business in India. This involves helping identify the right location in your city for the studio space, either on rent, lease or on sale.

Our team also helps with the scientific approach of picking the perfect lighting, the correct brand colours and the pictorial guides, charts, photographs and blueprints necessary to make the space come alive professionally. Our skilled team makes the setup process detail-oriented, guiding, briefing and educating you in the process.

Step 4: Get Trained as a detailer

Now that the stage is set, it is time for the lead performer to get ready for the show. Yes, we’re talking about you, our soon-to-be proud car detailing studio franchise owner and Club CarzSpa member.

The franchise owner must be trained as a car detailer himself first at the Surat head office of CarzSpa. What makes this stage all the more special is that our founder and chief mentor Mr Anckur Sama himself provides training and guidance to every car franchise owner.

With an ocean of knowledge about the car detailing industry, Mr Anckur helps in understanding the art and science behind every bit of the detailing process, whether it is related to ceramic coating or providing the best paint protection services in India, and every piece of equipment associated with car detailing.

Step 5: Acquire all the required equipment, tools and products

Having pioneered the art and science of car detailing in India, CarzSpa is well-connected with the top manufacturers and brands that manufacture the best car detailing equipment in the industry globally. The franchise support team helps the franchise owner in acquiring the right equipment and even guides them on maintenance and warranties.

Our team visits all CarzSpa studios regularly to troubleshoot any technical challenges with the various equipment and helps with getting them replaced too if needed.

CarzSpa studios

Step 6: Hiring the right people

Just like we know cars, we know what kind of people are the right fit to become successful car detailers. Our team guides you in listing what kind of detailing professionals you will require to run the show, and how to hire them.

Step 7: Get your team trained

Once the team for your car detailing studio is hired, the CarzSpa team visits your studio to educate and train your team on how to use every piece of equipment effectively. Our trainers provide training in both older and newer technologies of car detailing

Step 8: Join the CarzSpa Business Success Program

As your team gets trained to be the best car detailers in the country to provide some of the best PPF services in India and even car washing services in India, we take you to the next and one of the most crucial steps in becoming a successful auto industry entrepreneur. We help franchises set goals for achieving their turnover targets in a stipulated time duration by guiding them on how to promote their detailing studio through various branding and marketing activities, both digital and offline.

This entire program is called the Business Success Program, where you are trained to become a well-rounded automotive industry entrepreneur, armed with knowledge of the industry, market and its people.

Step 9: Launch Best paint protection services in India

Car Franchise

And onwards to D-Day! The Launch Day. Once everything is set in place, we celebrate and hit the launch button together. In the weeks leading up to the launch, our head office team starts drumming up interest on social media and other platforms. A day before the launch, the team from the CarzSpa headquarters arrives in your city and helps you with the last-minute nitty gritty. On launch day we ensure that the event is a grand affair.

Step 10: Grow as a part of Club CarzSpa

Your journey doesn’t end here. This is the beginning of the rest of your journey! Upon launch, you become the newest member to join the exclusive community of CarzSpa detailing studios, also known as CLUB CARZSPA. A thriving community of CarzSpa franchise owners, becoming a part of Club CarzSpa means you learn, grow and help others grow their detailing businesses through knowledge sharing, lead sharing, troubleshooting and achieving goals together.

Most importantly, provide the best paint protection services in India

To stand out as a top car franchise in India for detailing, it is essential to provide the best paint protection services in India. As car ownership in the country continues to increase, car owners are looking for ways to maintain the appearance and value of their vehicles. Offering superior paint protection services is a great way to meet this growing demand. And the way to tap into this market and create a loyal customer base is to provide stellar paint protection services with Crystalshield ceramic coatings and Aegis Paint Protection Films, through skilled detailers and excellent customer service.

To know what it feels like, to be a proud and successful CarzSpa Detailing Studio Franchise, speak to the ones who have made it happen, like H20 CarzSpa in Ahmedabad, CarzSpa Nagercoil, CarzSpa Greater Noida and CarzSpa Gurgaon. They are now the leaders in providing the best paint protection services in India because they opted to follow a process, a tried and tested and successful formula of growth with CarzSpa and have further brought awareness among people about the industry, which is way more than just car washing services in India.

Ready to get rolling with your car franchise in India for detailing? Reach out to us at or call +91 99040 89900 and start your journey as a car detailer with CarzSpa.


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Sonika is the Franchise Development Manager at CarzSpa.

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