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Car Detailing is an amazing industry. People who love cars, love to keep everything tidy and organised in their daily life, find this industry very rewarding; hence for them success is the by-product of it.

The Indian car detailing Industry is at a booming stage and is likely to see higher growth. It is fuelled by increasing automobile sales as well as improving the standard of living in India.

CarzSpa is a business that will live for many coming decades; even when electric cars are around! Don’t miss out on the opportunity, start living your passion today and become a passionprenuer.

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No Franchise Fee

No Royalty

1 Time Investment

Here are the CarzSpa franchisees, making a positive impact on car lovers’ world

We are a community of likeminded people with deep knowledge and interest for car detailing. Love for cars and love for business keep us bonded since years. We truly believe in, “excellence ke pichhe bhago”. Here are some of the franchisee studios in their action.

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If you too are as quality oriented as CarzSpa, we are the best match.

60+ studios

Operating successfully since 2006, with our roots spread across Tier 1, 2, and 3 Indian cities.

Global Reach

CarzSpa is India’s only detailing brand that serves globally in Nepal, Bhutan, Kenya, and Oman.

Proven Business Model

We have detailed more than 7 Lakh cars by far and counting. 

Continuous R&D

Brand CarzSpa invest into rigorous R&D so you don’t have to

Start up and Sustain like a boss with our continuous support


It all begins with the perfect location! Be it rented or owned properties, we help you choose the best location, with our vast experience. With our established business model, your CarzSpa business will generate maximum revenue. 

Design and Layout

The more professional your studio looks, the more customers you attract. Our team combines creativity with a scientific approach to get you the best of lighting, color schemes, and fittings, to imbibe the finesse associated with professionalism in your studio. 

Setup Guidelines

We work with you hand-in-hand, every step of the way! With the aid of pictorial guides, charts, photographs, and blueprints, our skilled team makes the setup process detail-oriented, for a studio that functions seamlessly. 


Car detailing is not just technical; it is an art in itself. There is a beautiful combination of art and science, behind every process and piece of equipment associated with car detailing and our team is eager to guide you so that you achieve money, fame, and respect. 

Media Support

Can you imagine a brand without pristine advertising? Banners, posters, vouchers, coupons - these are just some of the things we provide to support those under our wing. Guess what? It’s free of cost!

Online Presence

World has gone online and so does our customer. We assist our franchisees in setting up the best online platform, to reach the right people. 


When you get a right Mentor, half the battle is won

It has been proven by research that a quality mentorship has a powerful positive effect on entrepreneurs. Having someone guiding you at all the core and important aspects of business minimises the chances of failure. Having mentor in detailing business is even more important as it is ever changing industry. Choosing a great mentor along with a brand is a winning combination.

Anckur Sama

Credentials and Achievements

Have more questions? Here are your FAQs, answered.

Car Washing is the first step in Car Detailing. But beyond car wash there are plenty of services which are needed to maintain that flawless look and shine of a car.

Car detailing involves  professional services that car washing facilities cannot provide such as intensive interior detailing, scratch and swirl removal, polishing, Ceramic Coatings, PPFs, and more. Since these are more professional services, the earning potential is much higher in a car detailing business than a car wash business. 

An initial investment of  Rs.15.5 -16 lakh is required. As per our past records, you should reach monthly Break Even Point in 1-2 months and get a Return on Investment in 12-18 months.

No, infrastructure set up cost including civil work, furniture, electrification and store development needs to be borne by the franchise separately; however we will guide and assist you in site selection, layout and design, and interiors and fittings to get a professional detailing studio set up. 

We do not charge any Franchise Fees. Our goal is to have a long and fruitful relationship with our franchise partners. Thus we make you invest in more important business aspects and help you sustain and thrive.  

Our model is very simple and transparent. There is no Royalty, Revenue sharing or any other Hidden cost. 

Yes, we provide trained man power. We provide comprehensive training to you and your other workers as well.