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The car detailing business in India as a segment is outpacing the growth of traditional services like automobile repair and car washes. With a staggering market size car detailing is thriving with extreme year-over-year growth and offering high-profit margins. Unlike the saturated markets of car washes and other automobile franchises, car detailing is a blue ocean ripe with opportunity, ready for innovative entrepreneurs to make their mark.

Why detailing is India’s most profitable franchise business

High repeat business, healthy margins and decent to moderate investment comparatively make running a car detailing franchise a lucrative opportunity. Consider a car detailing business in India’s booming automobile franchise market.

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CarzSpa is growing strongly in deeper markets of India

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Welcome to CarzSpa, the ultimate destination for car lovers. If you are passionate about cars and want to make a difference in the automobile industry, you have come to the right place. CarzSpa is more than just a car detailing franchise, it is a family of enthusiasts who share the same vision of excellence and innovation.

CarzSpa is a leading automobile franchise in India for car detailing and paint protection services, catering to the needs of every car owner. It is a future-proof business that adapts to the changing market and customer needs. Our franchisees are not just our partners, they are our family. They share our vision of becoming the biggest car detailing company in India and beyond. They also strive to be the most profitable and number one car detailing studios in their respective regions. This is our complete mission and we are proud of it.

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Why Franchise With CarzSpa?

Join CarzSpa, the pioneer in the car detailing business in India, and be part of a family of car enthusiasts. CarzSpa has over 90 world-class detailing studios across the country, offering car care and paint protection services. CarzSpa provides you with everything you need to run a successful car detailing franchise: training, support, equipment, marketing, branding and customer service. CarzSpa allows you to follow your passion and make a difference in the automobile industry. Don’t miss this rewarding and profitable automobile franchise opportunity with Carz

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90+ studios

Operating successfully since 2006, with our roots spread across Tier 1, 2, and 3 Indian cities.

Global Reach

CarzSpa is India’s only car detailing brand that serves customers globally in Nepal, Bhutan and other countries.

Proven Business Model

We have detailed 25 lakh+ cars so far and counting.

Continuous R&D

CarzSpa head office invests rigorously in car detailing R&D so you don’t have to.

High ROI

Offering a high return on investment with easy-to-manage operational costs and high customer satisfaction.

Head Office Support

Provides franchisees with constant guidance, feedback and assistance from the head office team.

Club CarzSpa

Franchisees' network to share and learn from each other and offer advice, support and insights to excel.


Guidance for CarzSpa franchisees to learn from the best in the business to overcome challenges and grow.

Our Franchises









Support from the Head Office for Franchise Success


It all begins with the perfect location! Be it rented or owned properties, we help you choose the best location, with our vast experience. With our established business model, your CarzSpa franchise will generate maximum revenue. 

Design and Layout

The more professional your studio looks, the more customers you attract. Our team combines creativity with a scientific approach to get you the best of lighting, color schemes, and fittings, to imbibe the finesse associated with professionalism in your studio. 

Setup Guidelines

We work with you hand-in-hand, every step of the way! With the aid of pictorial guides, charts, photographs, and blueprints, our skilled team makes the setup process detail-oriented, for a car detailing studio that functions seamlessly. 


Car detailing is not just technical; it is an art in itself. There is a beautiful combination of art and science, behind every process and piece of equipment associated with car detailing and our team is eager to guide you so that you achieve money, fame, and respect. 

Media Support

Can you imagine a brand without pristine advertising? Banners, posters, vouchers, coupons - these are just some of the things we provide to support those under our wing. Guess what? It’s free of cost!

Online Presence

The world has gone online and so has our customer. We assist our CarzSpa franchisees in putting their best foot forward online, to reach the right audience.


When you get a right Mentor, half the battle is won

It has been proven by research that a quality mentorship has a powerful positive effect on entrepreneurs. Having someone guiding you at all the core and important aspects of business minimises the chances of failure. Having mentor in detailing business is even more important as it is ever changing industry. Choosing a great mentor along with a brand is a winning combination.

Anckur Sama

Credentials and Achievements

Services Offered by CarzSpa Franchises

Car Detailing Services Car Detailing Services

Car Detailing Services

Simply put, Car Detailing is the process of cleaning and reconditioning the exterior and the interior of your car. The goal of detailing is to restore the shine and gloss…

Aegis Paint Protection Films Aegis Paint Protection Films

Aegis Paint Protection Films

Getting even a small scratch on a brand new car can really hurt. Paint Protection Films are designed to prevent this pain. PPF is basically like a mobile screen guard; but for your car. It is an invisible film…

CrystalShield Ceramic Coating CrystalShield Ceramic Coating

CrystalShield Ceramic Coating

Just like there are varying quality levels of a tire, or engine oil, or even a car shampoo, not all ceramic coatings are of equal quality. The quality of Ceramic Coatings…

Washing Services Washing Services

Washing Services

Improper techniques and bad products used by “at-home” car washers have a significant negative impact on the car’s paint. Dirty cloth, hard shampoos and excessive scrubbing cause swirl marks and…

Intensive Interior Cleaning Intensive Interior Cleaning

Intensive Interior Cleaning

We call it “Intensive” because every nook and cranny of your car is given the CarzSpa attention to detail. First we dry vacuum the interiors. Second, we use our steam cleaner along with dry foam chemicals.


CarzSpa nurtures and celebrates its franchisees, who share a common passion for cars and excellence, making business fun and enjoyable with various events, activities and trips.

Become a Passionpreneur

We don’t just work on cars, we live for them! Our passion for cars and excellence drives us to this art and science. Come and join us at Club CarzSpa, where passion meets perfection.

Have more questions? Here are your FAQs, answered.

Car Washing is the first step in Car Detailing. But beyond car wash there are plenty of services which are needed to maintain that flawless look and shine of a car.
Car detailing services involve professional services that car washing facilities cannot provide such as intensive interior detailing, scratch and swirl removal, car polishing services, ceramic coating, PPFs, and more. Since these are more professional services, the earning potential is much higher in a car detailing business than a car wash business.

An initial investment of  Rs.15.5 -16 lakh is required. As per our past records, you should reach monthly Break Even Point in 1-2 months and get a Return on Investment in 12-18 months.

No, infrastructure set up cost including civil work, furniture, electrification and store development needs to be borne by the franchise separately; however we will guide and assist you in site selection, layout and design, and interiors and fittings to get a professional detailing studio set up. 

We do not charge any Franchise Fees. Our goal is to have a long and fruitful relationship with our franchise partners. Thus we make you invest in more important business aspects and help you sustain and thrive.  

Our model is very simple and transparent. There is no Royalty, Revenue sharing or any other Hidden cost. 

Yes, we provide trained man power. We provide comprehensive training to you and your other workers as well.