Decontamination and Surface Refinement

If your car is older than 1 year, its paint is likely to be affected by swirls, scratches, colour fading, and other defects which decreases the visual aesthetics of the car.

CarzSpa’s Decontamination and Surface Refinement process helps achieve a smooth, flawless and even-toned paint surface through our detailed and deep 5-step process:

Before After Audi Ceramic Coating 1 1Audi Ceramic Coating 1
degreaser wash carzspa

Step 1-Degreaser Wash

Grease, carbon pollutants, and other contaminants remove that sheen and gloss from your car’s surface.

At CarzSpa, we use degreasing washes, foam washes, and superior cleaning agents to ensure the oily and dirty layers are removed completely leaving a squeaky clean surface to start the detailing process.

Step 2 Car Claying carzspa 1

Step 2-Clay Bar Treatment

Sticky, hard to remove contaminants and dirt trapped in your car’s paint surface are difficult to remove even after washing.

Therefore, we apply clay bars to break up the stuck debris and remove the tiny bumps from the paint surface. It's a very important step before proceeding as it makes the surface contaminant free.

Decontamination and Surface Refinement

Step 3-Sanding

After removing the above surface debris, it's now time to work on below surface defects. Sanding the clear coat effectively helps remove scratches and other paint defects.

Since every car model is different, we first check the thickness of the paint and clear coat using digital paint thickness gauge and paint scanners and accordingly alter our sanding process.

Step 4 car Compounding carzspa

Step 4-Compounding​

This is an important step. The choice of compound, pad and machine has a direct impact on the final finish of the vehicle.

Compounding helps in removing minor paint defects, sanding marks and brings about a smooth paint surface. Surface shine depends largely on this crucial step.

Decontamination and Surface Refinement

Step 5- Ceramic Polish

Polishing has the biggest effect on your car’s appearance. CarzSpa’s new Ceramic Polish has infused SiO2 polymers that make the surface extremely water-repellent, UV ray protected and chemical resistant.

It imparts a deep, mirror like gloss to the paint surface and helps in replacing the dull look of your paint surface with that smooth and glossy “brand new car look”.

Other SErvices

One Step Polish And Wax One Step Polish And Wax

One Step Polish And Wax

Your prized possessions receive the same love and care that you give them after they come into our CarzSpa Studio.
Our in-house detailing experts will help you maintain that “New Car” feeling.

Intensive Interior Cleaning Intensive Interior Cleaning

Intensive Interior Cleaning

Interior cleaning is a service that involves deep cleaning the car’s interior with vacuum, steam and chemicals to remove dust, dirt, stains, odours, bacteria and viruses from the car’s seats, carpets, mats, dashboard and other parts. It improves the car’s air quality, comfort and hygiene.

Ozone Air Purification Ozone Air Purification

Ozone Air Purification

In the post-COVID era, every car owner needs to be aware of his environment and ensure a safe and hygienic cabin space. CarzSpa removes unpleasant odours,bacteria and viruses by placing an Ozone Generator inside the car.

Genuine Car Leather Treatment Genuine Car Leather Treatment

Genuine Car Leather Treatment

Your car’s leather seats see a lot of wear and tear. This can be because of exposure to UV rays, dirt and loose debris, all of it resulting in cracked, faded and flaking seats.

Head and Tail Light Restoration Head and Tail Light Restoration

Head and Tail Light Restoration

The plastic materials that your headlights and tail lamps are made out of, degrade and become faded with time.

Alloy Wheel Polishing Alloy Wheel Polishing

Alloy Wheel Polishing

Whether your car came with factory standard alloys or you have invested in the fancier aftermarket varieties, brake dust and iron deposits are enemy number 1 to the look and performance of your wheels.

Glass Treatment Glass Treatment

Glass Treatment

CarzSpa’s windshield cleaning and polishing treatment eliminates this risk by removing hard water spots and other contaminants, giving better nighttime visibility and clearer glass during rains.

Water Spots Removal Water Spots Removal

Water Spots Removal

Cars washed with hard water often leave behind stubborn water spots on the glass and on the paint surface. These marks kill the car’s look completely.

Trims Restoration Trims Restoration

Trims Restoration

Black plastic trims always fade to an ugly grey over time and daily wear and tear. Your plastic and rubber trims brave harmful UV rays, dust and other contaminants on a daily basis which results in discoloration and an old grey look.

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