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We have developed the ULTIMATE SHIELD for your car’s paint, the STRONGEST PPFs by far of 250 microns and 300 microns

Innovation in PPF coatings

At CarzSpa Aegis, we have been providing the best car paint protection in India for over a decade. We know how important it is to protect your car’s paint from the harsh and unpredictable Indian environment, which can cause scratches, chips, stains, swirls, oxidation and fading.

This led us to develop the most advanced range of PPF coatings in the market, the thickest paint protection films. These PPF coatings are made of high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material that is up to 300 microns thick, which is more than twice the thickness of other PPFs in the market.

While most PPFs in the market have a thickness of 140 to 200 microns, CarzSpa Aegis has gone a step further and created the thickest range of PPFs in the country. Our Ultra 250 and Eternal 300 PPFs have a thickness of 250 and 300 microns respectively, which is unmatched by any other PPF brand in India. This is a pioneering innovation by CarzSpa Aegis that offers superior protection and durability for your car’s paint.

Meet India's Thickest PPF

CarzSpa Aegis offers two variants of PPF coatings that are the thickest and most advanced in the market: Eternal 300 and Ultra 250. These two products are the best paint protection films in the market right now and they are exclusively available at CarzSpa Detailing Studios across India and Nepal.

Eternal 300

Thickest PPF
This PPF is the supreme version in Aegis with an extraordinary thickness of 300 microns for maximum protection while inheriting all the advanced characteristics of other PPFs. It is so thick that it will not be damaged forever.
  • Stain Resistance:
  • Self Healing:
  • Gloss:

Ultra 250

Thickest PPF

The new and improved CarzSpa Aegis Ultra 250 ranks among the most advanced and premium PPFs, with a 250-micron thickness.
It comes with our special UV-resistant top coat which prevents the film from getting oxidised and has superior self-healing and water-repellency properties. This innovative film is extremely durable and comes with a
10-year warranty.

  • Stain Resistance:
  • Self Healing:
  • Gloss:

Benefits of using Thickest Paint Protection Films

When you choose the thickest PPFs in India, you get the best paint protection film for your car. These PPF coatings have twice the thickness of other PPFs in the market.

Superior Impact Resistance

Our thickest paint protection films can withstand high impacts, resist abrasions and prevent damage from flying rocks, debris and other objects that can damage your car’s paint. With a high Elongation @ Break of 300% and a High Tensile Strength of 30 MPa, which make them extremely durable and tough.

Improved Self-healing

Our thickest car PPFs have a special self-healing top coat, which activates QUICKER HEALING than other PPFs in the market, from scratches and swirls with heat or sunlight.

Great Hydrophobicity

This advanced PPF on cars have a SUPER HYDROPHOBIC property, which means they have a high water contact angle of more than 140 degrees, which makes water and dirt slide off the surface easily.

Ultimate UV-resistance

The advanced top coat can block harmful UV rays and prevent the film from getting oxidised while preserving the colour stability of the film and the paint.

Application in Action - India’s Thickest PPF


Engineering innovation to create the thickest PPF

A PPF is usually composed of five layers, but only the middle three are applied on the car’s surface. The first and the fifth layers are protective films that are removed before installation. They keep the crucial layers clean and intact until they are ready to be applied.

The middle three layers are :

  • Self-healing top coat : This is the outermost layer that faces the environment. It is a clear coat that protects the film from dirt, dust and stains. It also has self-healing properties, which means it can repair minor scratches and scuffs by itself when exposed to heat or sunlight. The thickness of this layer is about 15-20 microns or 0.59 mils.
  • TPU layer : This is the core layer that provides the strength and durability of the film. It is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or thermoplastic hybrid (TPH), which are flexible and resistant materials that can conform to the curves and contours of the car. The thickness of this layer can range anywhere between 140 to 160 microns. This is the thickest and the main layer that determines the level of protection and longevity of the film.
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) : This is the innermost layer that adheres the film to the car’s paint. It is a sticky substance that activates with pressure and allows the film to bond with the surface. The thickness of this layer ranges between 20 to 25 microns, i.e. somewhere around 1 mil.

These layers, formed with extensive research to set the best ratio of TPU, top coat and PSA, work together to create a PPF that optimises protection and preserves the original look and feel of the paint while preventing damage from various aggressors.

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Have more questions? Here are your FAQs, answered.

The thickest PPF film available in India is Eternal 300 by CarzSpa Aegis, which has a thickness of 300 microns or 12 mils. This PPF coating provides the ultimate protection and enhancement for your car’s paint.
The best thickness of PPF depends on your car’s needs and preferences. Generally, a thicker PPF offers more protection and durability, but it may also be more expensive and difficult to install. A PPF thickness of 6 to 12 mils is recommended for optimal performance.
PPF thickness is usually measured in microns or mils, which are units of length equal to 0.001 mm or 0.0254 mm, respectively. To convert PPF thickness from microns to mm, you can divide by 1000. For example, a PPF thickness of 200 microns is equivalent to 0.2 mm.
CarzSpa Aegis offers the highest quality PPF in the market as they meet your car’s needs and expectations and they are installed by professionally trained installers. Factors determining the quality of PPF are the material, technology, features and warranty.
PPF is costly because it is a premium product that offers many benefits for your car’s paint, such as protection, enhancement, self-healing, hydrophobicity and UV resistance. PPF also requires skilled and experienced installers, who charge according to the quality and coverage of the PPF on car.

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