what is Graphene Ceramic Coating?

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“Harder than diamond yet more elastic than rubber; tougher than steel yet lighter than aluminum”, Graphene is truly a wonder material which takes automotive paint protection to a whole new level.

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Addition of Graphene to traditional Ceramic Coatings takes paint protection to a whole new level. Presence of Graphene creates an incredibly strong and flexible coating that provides best-in-class protection to your vehicle’s surface.

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Graphene ceramic coatings impart a rich, deep shine to the surface. Its super smooth properties make it extremely hydrophobic and anti-static, meaning your vehicle will easily repel water and dry dirt.

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Durability is measured in years, not months. CarzSpa CrystalShield G10 Graphene Ceramic Coating is the most durable ceramic coating in the market.

Benefits of G10 Graphene Ceramic Coating

Insane Gloss
Permanent Bond
Increased Hydrophobicity
Improved Graphene
Repels Water & Dirt
10H Pencil Hardness
Super Sleek & Smooth
7 Years Protection

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Banu Prakash

Banu Prakash

Got My Innova Crysta deep cleaned & Graphene coated at CarzSpa, Mysore Road. My Car, which was sun-baked in open parking had lost all its Sheen & Glamour. Nayan’s team have done an amazing job and have made my car as good as new. Owner Nayan’s involvement at all levels is amazing to watch. Had a wonderful experience, Truly satisfied ... 👍🏼
Ajith S Nair

Ajith S Nair

Got Graphene coating done for my EcoSport. Mr. Nayan (Franchise Owner : CarzSpa Mysore Rd) has been extremely professional in suggesting and explaining about the process and kept me posted on every process. Loved the quality of workmanship. Will definitely recommend this place for any kind of detailing work!
Vivek Rana

Vivek Rana

Left my car at 9:30 am sharp got it ready by 3 pm next day. Went for Graphene coating, results are amazing. Also the owner is quite friendly; he even sent me pics and videos on the progress. I did my research multiple times for Graphene and ceramic coating but the product quality of CARZSPA is much better that competitors.

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