Club CarzSpa - A Community of Expert Detailers & Automobile Enthusiasts

Club CarzSpa – A Community of Expert Detailers & Automobile Enthusiasts

At CarzSpa we get cars. While it is our core business to provide car paint protection services, at our core, we remain a bunch of car nerds with a passion for all things automobile. We get it when you say things do not look good until they are perfect; whether it is our shoes, clothes or car!

Started in 2006 as a single studio, the CarzSpa family of car detailing studios is now present across 90+ studios in 80+ cities in India and abroad, making it one of the oldest, most trusted brands in Car Paint Protection in India. We believe in a science-based approach to car and auto detailing. CarzSpa car detailers and CarzSpa franchise owners are meticulously trained at our academy in the science and art of detailing. But the learning doesn’t stop there. Once trained, they become members of Club CarzSpa, ensuring they are constantly keeping up to date with the latest in the car detailing industry. We take great pride in saying that apart from science, we are also driven by giving the most value to both our franchise owners and end customers.

So what exactly is Club CarzSpa?

Simply put, Club CarzSpa is one of the main reasons behind why CarzSpa is the most trusted and best car paint protection in India and why our franchisees do so well in terms of service for customers and value for owners. Club CarzSpa comprises all CarzSpa franchise owners along with the support and training team here at the CarzSpa head office in Surat, led by Mr. Anckur Sama. But wait, there’s more…our customers along with Club CarzSpa form the larger group of what we call the CarzSpa Community.

But…let’s focus on understanding Club CarzSpa a little more. One of the main motives behind creating Club CarzSpa was:

  1. Educating CarzSpa franchise owners on the newest trends in car paint protection, car detailing and the larger automobile industry
  2. Helping CarzSpa franchise owners in decision-making to grow the franchises
  3. Supporting CarzSpa franchise owners to try new and innovative ways to increase business, including through effective branding and marketing of their franchise

In addition to the above, franchise owners get constant mentorship from those who have already succeeded in the auto industry and a support group of fellow car lovers and CarzSpa franchise owners.

How did it all start?

How did it all start?

As CarzSpa, we began franchising car detailing studios providing some of the best car paint protection in India in 2007 from Surat. As we grew, we realised all franchise owners had to be brought on a single platform for real-time communication, strategy and sharing solutions. So like all great things, the origins of Club CarzSpa lie in a WhatsApp group (no kidding!). One of our members named it Club CarzSpa and the name has stuck ever since. We realised the potential of this community within the first couple of years, once we had about 10 franchises on board. And from then, it has only grown stronger. Today, this group of 87 strong members, including the CarzSpa core support team, are the reason why we are amongst the most successful and best car franchises in India today.

What makes Club CarzSpa unique?

As a community, CarzSpa franchise owners are trained under the tutelage of our founder Mr. Anckur Sama. This is something unique to CarzSpa, where every franchise owner first becomes an expert car detailer himself and then provides training to their team back at their franchise known as CarzSpa Studio.

On completing the training, as members of Club CarzSpa, franchise owners are entitled to the Franchise Success Program. Through this program success is guaranteed for every member, with each CarzSpa franchise, dedicatedly supported by CarzSpa head office through a zonal core support team. This core team helps members with the minutest queries, training them to be successful car detailing entrepreneurs. Let’s understand this program a little better.

This unique and well thought game plan has been tried and tested for almost a decade now by our franchisees to achieve success and grow their business right from the first year of operations in their respective city. We maintain leaderboards across categories, which inspire our franchisees to have a bit of healthy competition amongst themselves on a national scale! Club CarzSpa holds regular problem solving sessions where our core support team from the CarzSpa head office and the members meet digitally or in person at a detailing studio. We also have internal assessments to help identify pain points and solutions for each individual member, while strategizing innovative ways for their franchises to earn more. And of course there is the annual conclave where Club CarzSpa members come together to bond and celebrate while learning.

What makes Club CarzSpa unique?

The 2022 edition of Club CarzSpa Conclave or C3 was held in Goa. The highlights of this conclave were the team activities showcasing the business intellect of many of our members, the sessions on branding, marketing and promoting business digitally, a session conducted by CarzSpa’s digital marketing and branding partners Flora Fountain.

What are the benefits the members receive from being a part of Club CarzSpa?

Apart from becoming a part of one of the most successful and best car franchises in India, here’s what members get:

Tangible Benefits

  • Great leads shared from the head office and within the club members
  • Specific requirements can be asked and fulfilled within the club. CarzSpa head office maintains a repository of all past requirements for new members to benefit from old discussions.
  • Technical doubts get cleared through internal knowledge sharing and support from the head office’s core team
  • The club encourages its members to connect with each other through local meets, and conducts a quarterly online meeting to discuss their future plans, goal setting and overall inspiration.

Intangible Benefits

  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Establishing new relationships, some as mentor-mentee and some as friends
  • Enjoying some good old-fashioned healthy competition by participating in the Be the ELITE competition
  • Complete transparency and trust among fellow car franchise owners / member

What is the philosophy behind Club CarzSpa?

The members of Club CarzSpa, our proud and successful car franchise owners in India believe in this core philosophy:

Mastery is not a function of genius or talent. It is a function of the time and intense focus applied to a particular field of knowledge. Mastery is not a quick route to fame and fortune. It is a path of lifelong learning, full of both obstacles and opportunities. Mastery is not a destination. It is a continuous journey in pursuit of excellence. Mastery is not about professional success and money. View these rewards as a by-product, not their final form. Mastery is accessible to all of us. It is about reaching out and choosing your path.

It is very easy to find car detailing studios offering car detailing or car paint protection in India, through car polishing, ceramic coatings and PPF. However, it is this core philosophy of mastery and sharing knowledge through training and mentorship that makes CarzSpa one of the most trusted car detailing studios and car franchises in India. Our endeavour is to bring top-quality professional detailing services to every corner of India so that every car lover can enjoy that new car feeling.

Lot of us love cars but are not sure how to turn this passion into a living! With CarzSpa’s tried, tested and proven franchise model we have been able to help a lot of budding entrepreneurs to live their passion and become successful at the same time. Over 90 car lovers and entrepreneurs now have become experts in detailing and run successful car detailing studios across the country.

This could be you. Are you looking for new automotive business opportunities? Are you interested in being a part of Club CarzSpa? Then Reach out to us on or call +91 9737960111 to start a conversation.


Picture of Deepam Sama

Deepam Sama

Deepam Sama is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Development at CarzSpa Detailing Studios, a leading car care company in India. He is a second-generation entrepreneur who has a passion for scaling up businesses and creating innovative marketing strategies. Deepam holds an MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune and a BBA from the Institute of Management, Nirma University. He previously worked in the Sales Strategy team at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, where he gained experience in developing and executing growth plans.

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