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The science behind ceramic car coating – it’s a lot more than you think!

Undoubtedly, ceramic coating for cars is among the most celebrated breakthroughs in paint protection for vehicles worldwide. After all, every automobile enthusiast takes pride when their car’s shine makes all heads turn.

Moreover, getting your car ceramic coated protects its original surface paint from various environmental aggressors that may cause long-term damage to the car and ruin its aesthetics too.

But, have you ever wondered WHAT exactly is in the solution of ceramic coatings and HOW exactly these ceramic coatings for cars protect their body paint?

We answer this question for you about the best ceramic coating in India. Get set for this journey.

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What are ceramic coatings?

With all complexities aside, ceramic coating is a liquid formula applied to the car’s surface to form a solid protective layer over it.

On a more technical side, ceramic coating is a nanotechnology-based, semi-permanent, liquid polymer coating that protects your car paint surface to preserve its natural gloss and protect the surface from various environmental damages like dust, bird droppings, tree sap and hairline scratches.

It makes the vehicle’s surface smoother, and easier to clean and maintain. Ceramic coatings are also used to protect automotive parts, textiles, marine equipment and construction materials.

The science and tech in ceramic coatings

There are two main components in any ceramic car coating, resin and solvent.

The resin is usually Silicone Dioxide (SiO2), which provides the hardness, hydrophobicity and gloss factor. And since Silicon is a primary component used in making glass, ceramic coatings are also known as Liquid Glass or Glass Coatings.

The need for the second element, the solvent, arises due to the chemical nature of SiO2. The resin SiO2 is essentially melted into a liquid and stored with a solvent because when it comes in contact with open air, it solidifies.

Hence, the solvent plays an important role in ensuring that the SiO2 remains in a liquid state inside a ceramic coating bottle, making it ideal for application on the surface.

It is vital to note that the percentage of SiO2 in retaliation to the solvent and the grade of SiO2 affects the quality of the ceramic coating.

best ceramic coating
Scenes from the R&D Lab at CarzSpa HO, testing ceramic coatings

How does a ceramic coating work?

Ceramic coatings are made using nano modules which are more minute than the micropores of the paint on a car’s surface. Naturally, the nanoparticles of ceramic coating enter the micro pores of the car’s paint, forming a mechanical bond.

As mentioned earlier, as the ceramic coating on the car comes in contact with open air, it initiates the process of crystallisation. This occurs as the solvent evaporates, exposing the liquid silicon to air and leading it to harden, forming a mechanical bond with the clear coat of the car’s paint.

When the ceramic car coating forms a mechanical bond with the paint surface, the ceramic particles in the coating cross-link and bond together to create a strong, protective barrier over the paint. This barrier is highly durable and resistant to external pollutants and UV rays.

testing ceramic coating
Our founder Anckur Sama testing the hardness of ceramic coating

The protective properties of a ceramic coating are due to its hydrophobic properties. When water or other liquids come into contact with the coating, they bead up and roll off, taking dirt, grime, and other contaminants with them.

Due to this, the paint looks clean and also makes it easier to clean in the future.

Benefits of ceramic coatings for cars

There are several benefits to using a ceramic coating on a car, including:

Increased protection: Ceramic coatings provide a protective barrier over the paint that helps to prevent damage from environmental pollutants and scratches. This helps to keep the paint looking new for longer and maintain the car’s value.

Insane Gloss & Hydrophobicity: Ceramic coatings can enhance the appearance of a car’s paint by adding a glossy and reflective shine. The hydrophobic properties of the coating also help to maintain a clean and shiny appearance by beading up and repelling water and other liquids.

Easy maintenance: Ceramic coatings make it easier to clean a car by preventing dirt, grime, and other contaminants from adhering to the paint surface. This can save time and effort in maintaining the car’s appearance.

Protection against UV rays: Your car’s prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the paint to fade and look older. Ceramic coatings prevent UltraViolet rays from damaging the paint and maintain the car’s brilliance.

CrystalShield - The best ceramic car coating in India

Excellence comes with expertise and that is why automobile enthusiasts trust CarzSpa for its best ceramic coating in India. Apart from this, there are plenty of reasons to choose CarzSpa’s CrystalShield for your car paint protection:

1. Made for Indian climate: Our research and development team has formulated ceramic coatings and other paint protection products specifically for the Indian market by studying the level of protection required for cars in the Indian climate which faces varying levels of heat, cold and humidity in different regions.

2. Higher % of solids: The quality of the ceramic coatings depends on the percentage of SiO2 in the product and its purity or grade. CrystalShield Ceramic Coatings by CarzSpa have a much higher percentage of solids in the product, making it better than all other products in the market. CrystalShield Trinity 9H has 85% solids in its composition, while Pentagon 10H has 90% solids in it.

3. UltraSonic Dispersion Technology: The new-age ceramic coatings are created using the application of ultrasonic sound waves to mix nanoparticles of SiO2 and silica resins. It leads to the formation of smaller particles, brings size uniformity and improves the material transfer on particle surfaces. As a result, you get the strongest of bonds with ultra-durability and insane gloss.

4. For every budget and need: CrystalShield has a range of 4 different products within varying price points. The new range of ceramic coatings includes Lite, Trinity 9H, Pentagon 10H and G10 graphene ceramic coatings. The protection ranges from 1 year, 3 years, 5 years to 7 years. You can get a quote of ceramic coating cost for your car by sharing your details with us online.

paint protection
CarzSpa CrystalShield Ceramic Coatings

5. A proven favourite: CrystalShield by CarzSpa is the preferred ceramic coating for over 10 lakh customers all over the country. It is available at 75+ franchise outlets spread across India and Nepal. This is because of the transparency in the process we follow, the scientific approach to paint protection and providing value for money. your details with us online.

CarzSpa DetailingStudio
Review from a happy CarzSpa customer

That was all about the ceramic coating, from what exactly are its ingredients to the science behind it.

Join the lakhs of happy customers from all over India by protecting your car with ceramic coating from CarzSpa. To all the car owners, we would love for you to visit the nearest CarzSpa DetailingStudio in your city with your beloved car. Talk to our expert detailers to understand which product suits best for your vehicle. You can also call +91-99040 89900 or email us at customercare@carzspa.in.


Deepam Sama

Deepam Sama

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