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Applying it right! Getting PPF installed by the right applicator matters

So, you’ve decided to protect your beloved car with the best paint protection film in India. But the neighbourhood ‘car enthusiast’ tells you that he knows a guy, who knows a guy, who can get it done for the cheapest rate in the market.

Unfortunately, getting PPF installed by just any ‘guy’ can prove fatal to your car’s paint and its overall look. As much as it is a great idea to install car paint protection film in India to protect your ride, it is important you get it done by experts.

Here’s why you should only get experts to install your car’s PPF.

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PPF installation is not an easy task

Car paint protection film in India is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) sheets applied to the surface of the car’s exterior body with extreme precision. It shields the car’s original body paint from

environmental debris, scratches, rock chips and other abrasives that may cause damage. PPF helps in maintaining the new car showroom look by preventing scratches and UV rays from dulling your car’s shine.Installing car paint protection film in India may look easy in many videos online, but it is an extremely detailed and scientific process that can get time-consuming as well.

Stretching the film properly and placing it on the correct edges is one of the most technical and challenging parts of installing PPF on your car. If the PPF is not applied properly, it will leave stretch marks and air bubbles on the surface. If the cuts on the film are improper, it stands the risk of dust settling on the edges and of course lacking the proper finish means the car will look shoddy.

At CarzSpa, our trained installers have a keen eye for perfection and the subtle aspects of applying the films, to ensure you get the best out of your CarzSpa Aegis PPF. After all, no one details like we do.

Installation must be done in the right environment

Having a dedicated space for the PPF application matters a lot too. The application area should have enough room for the car to be in the centre, while the applicators have space to move around during the PPF application process. The bay must be away from the street, enclosed, well-lit, completely decontaminated, air-conditioned and dust-free.

Car paint protection film in India
PPF installation in process at a CarzSpa Detailing studio

Wondering why we’re being so particular? Most workshops or automobile repair shops that offer cheap PPF applications are located on the roadside with bustling traffic around. Further, these shops may not have proper lighting and enough space inside, let alone being dust-free or air conditioned, for them to apply the PPF with precision.

PPF application cannot be done at home or in any open space either. If anyone claims/offers to apply PPF on your car at your home, it clearly means they are untrained and lack knowledge about car paint protection. If the vehicle undergoes PPF installation in an unclean space, dust particles and contaminants will stick to the surface of the vehicle and film. This can damage the adhesive on the film, making the film rise in a short time after application.

The prep before installation is important

Another crucial part of PPF installation, something every expert detailer swears by, is the prep of the car. Your car undergoes an extensive paint decontamination and surface refinement before applying the PPF.

First, the vehicle is cleansed with degreasing washes, foam washes, cleaning agents and a microfibre cloth to remove the grease, carbon pollutants, and other contaminants from the surface. This is followed by claying, to break up stuck debris, remove tiny bumps from the paint surface and trap even the smallest particle of dirt from the body. Next is compounding, which helps remove the minor paint defects and sanding marks, leaving a smooth surface. The prep gets completed with an extensive polishing job, and a squeaky clean surface to apply the PPF.

There is a high risk of mis-selling of product

Car paint protection in India is a huge market, and there are many players out there selling various types of clear sheets with the claim of the best paint protection films in India. This is a ‘clear’ case of mis-selling and duplicity. The paint and clear coat on your car’s surface is at best 130-150 microns thick. Getting even a small scratch can expose the metal. Applying cheap, poor-quality protection films that are being sold as PPFs can do more harm than good. The impact of debris, rock chips and scratches on the surface applied with such weak paint protection sheets can cause further damage to the appearance of your car.


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When you get your car installed with PPF from an expert like CarzSpa, we use our own exclusive products, i.e. CarzSpa Aegis Paint Protection Films that are self healing and 170-195 microns thick, essentially double the paint thickness. Their elastomeric properties absorb shock better, thereby not letting the impact reach the paint. At CarzSpa, we provide an official warranty on the Aegis PPFs installed at any of our detailing studios, and they are valid all over India.

CarzSpa Detailers are precise, process-oriented & the experts!

When it comes to the PPF application, there is no room for error. The PPF sheets need to be measured to perfection and cut to fit the dimensions of the vehicle. This level of surgical precision is required to ensure the film is not damaged or wasted during the process. It is possible only when you get PPF applied by expert detailers like CarzSpa.

The expert PPF applicators at CarzSpa Detailing Studios also use specialised tools that bring perfection to the job. Pump and trigger sprayers are used to spray the slip solution and isopropyl alcohol on the film, special TPU-based squeezees to remove the solution/liquid from beneath the film during the application, syringes to eject out any trapped liquid and heat guns to improve and speed up the adhesion, making the film stick firmly after tucking them in the corners.

Do not compromise on quality & expertise!

Paint Protection film costs range anywhere from Rs.50K to Rs.2 lakhs, depending on the car’s size and the quality of the PPF. When you’re willing to spend such a sum for your car’s paint protection, do not cut corners on its application. With the right PPF installation, your car can look its best for a long time. Enhancing the joy and pride you feel driving it every day.

Always opt for a detailing studio with a legacy of happy customers, specifically in installing PPF, across different types of vehicles. Having a national presence helps as this means there will be support for your PPF no matter where you are in India. CarzSpa Detailing Studios have 90+ detailing studios spread across India and Nepal.

For more information on our PPF products and how you can get started, book an appointment at your nearest CarzSpa Detailing Studio today.


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