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5 ways to maintain your car’s paint protection film

As experts in car detailing we at CarzSpa believe that “Quality never goes out of style.”

And with this belief, we developed the revolutionary Aegis Paint Protection Film or Aegis PPF. A no-compromise quality product to maintain the quality of the shine of your car paint, keeping it looking like the day it rolled out of the showroom.

So, if you’ve already invested in the best paint protection film for cars, fantastic! But what comes next? Some obvious questions are: How do I wash a car after PPF has been applied? Are there any recommended washing techniques for cars with PPF? How can I make my car’s PPF last long?

Here are 5 simple ways to maintain your car’s PPF by CarzSpa, India’s most trusted car detailing experts and inventors of the best paint protection film, Aegis.

1. Avoid touching the film after installation

PPF requires at least 48 hours to settle. After installation, avoid touching the film for at least a week. Nevertheless, it is important to take into account that humid weather or high temperatures can also interfere with the settling process of the film. You might also detect a few spots that are foggy or smudgy. However, all of this is perfectly normal and after the film has completely settled and cured, it will grant your car a brand-new finish.

2. Avoid washing your car for seven days after application

The paint protection film takes about a week to adhere to the surface of the car. And when you wash the car during this period, either with water or any regular form of cleaning product, it will hinder the curing process of the film. We suggest you wait for seven days, only then start washing your car indoors or in a covered space regularly. Use clean soft fabric or a wash mitt, and dedicated car wash products (available at CarzSpa Studios) to remove the stains. It is advised not to take the car outdoors during this period, to reduce the possibility of attracting dust and other airborne contaminants on it, making the cleaning difficult.

Additional tip: Avoid automatic car washes as the fast moving brushes may cause deep scratches.

Start washing your car

3. How to handle light scratches?

Preventing scratches on your car is one of the most crucial reasons why it needs paint protection. Hence, as one of the finest paint protection film companies in India, we recommend Aegis Paint Protection Films which has the ability to self-heal. Therefore, the paint protection film will not only keep your paint safe but also repair itself as and when necessary.

If you want to remove a scratch from your PPF simply pour some hot water on the affected area. Your PPF will self heal and revert to its natural shape with the heat.

Why it needs paint protection

4. The ideal way to wash your car…

To begin with, make sure to use a dedicated car wash product which will be best suited for removing dirt on the car protection film. Moreover, make sure you remove as much debris as possible before cleaning the vehicle with a wash mitt or other wash media.

Additionally, using the two-bucket method will ensure smart cleaning and any unnecessary hindrance to the PPF quality. The two-bucket method is based on a relatively straightforward concept. You have two buckets in this setup: one holds your vehicle wash soap, and the other has just pure rinse water. The idea is to wash your mitt for both buckets separately while rinsing properly with clean water. Maintaining this rhythm will ensure the right maintenance for your PPF coating.

5. The CarzSpa yearly maintenance

Once you get your vehicle installed with PPF, you can bring them to any CarzSpa Detailing Studios spread across the country for yearly maintenance of the film. We wash the vehicle using utmost care and expertise, followed by claying the car to remove any and every form of impurities stuck on the film’s surface to bring back the clarity and shine on it.

All cars are treasured possessions of their owners which deserve the best treatment and maintenance. And ensuring longevity maintains the car’s sleek and elegant appearance. Nonetheless, whenever you purchase the best paint protection film for cars from any of our flagship stores spread all across India, a written warranty will be provided by CarzSpa Detailing Studios on all CarzSpa Paint Protection Films. You can also check the status of the warranty online at

To know more about the benefits of PPF coating for cars and its prices, reach out to us on +91 99040 89900 or visit your nearest CarzSpa Detailing Studio in your city.


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