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Car ceramic coating price – An investment, not an expenditure!

I wash my car every weekend, so I don’t need anything extra to keep my car shiny!

I dust my car every day before I leave for work. Nothing can happen to its paint.


That is one common question that lands across every detailer at every CarzSpa Detailing Studio all over the country, from new to experienced car owners and from tier 1 to tier 2 cities.

There is no doubt that those asking the question love their cars. But what is even more important is that they believe in the myth that surrounds the idea of ceramic coating car cost: that it would burn a hole in your pocket.

Today we’re going to tell you why ceramic coating for your car is actually a future-proof investment and not another big car maintenance expenditure!

Fasten your seatbelts folks!

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Understanding ceramic coating car cost

The ceramic coating cost for a car depends on various factors such as the size and condition of your vehicle, the grade and durability of the ceramic coating and the expertise of the professional applicator. The best ceramic coating in India can cost between Rs.15,000 to Rs.30,000. Now, graphene ceramic coatings are a more enhanced version of ceramic coatings and hence cost more, in the range of Rs.35,000 to 50,000.

In comparison to other paint protection options such as waxing, ceramic coatings provide a better and more long-lasting solution. Waxing may last only a few months, while ceramic coatings can last up to 7 years. Paint protection film in India is another alternative and it comes with a higher price tag compared to ceramic coatings.

CarzSpa Detailing Studios Gurgaon in action with ceramic coating for car

Now, you might be wondering if it’s worth putting the money into ceramic coatings while car repair shops and garages are tempting you with cheaper alternatives for paint protection. Let us tell you how the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Benefits of ceramic coating for your car

The best ceramic coating for cars shields the paint from harmful environmental contaminants like dirt, dust, bird droppings and tree sap while protecting against UV rays that can cause paint to fade over time. With its hydrophobic properties, water slides right off the surface, reducing the likelihood of water damage and making it easier to clean and maintain.

But that’s not all. Ceramic coating also offers incredible benefits that enhance the look and feel of your car. It provides an insane gloss that adds a shine to your car’s paint, making it look newer and more appealing. Plus, it is resistant to hairline scratches, ensuring that your car maintains its flawless finish for longer.

Thanks to its chemical resistance, ceramic coating offers unparalleled durability and longevity for your car’s paint. It forms a protective layer that shields the paint from chemical reactions from bird droppings and acid rain.

6 reasons why your car needs Ceramic Coating with CarzSpa

At CarzSpa, we understand that you want the best protection for your car’s paint. That’s why we offer a range of premium ceramic coatings under the CrystalShield range. Our line-up of the best ceramic coatings includes Lite, Trinity 9H, Pentagon 10H, and G10 Graphene Ceramic Coating, each providing exceptional protection and durability. With our CrystalShield range, you can trust that your car’s paint is in good hands.

Investment in ceramic coating for your car

To get the best out of ceramic coating car cost and maximise your investment, you need to choose the right product and professional applicator. To ensure the best protection for your car’s paint, choose your ceramic coating based on

  1. Durability/life expectancy of the coating
  2. Your budget and the price of coatings
  3. The type of paint, i.e. Gloss or Matte

Opt for a professional applicator who has experience in applying ceramic coating on cars, like CarzSpa Detailing Studios to help you make the right pick considering the above-listed factors. They will also ensure that the coating is applied to perfection and provides the best protection.

Regular maintenance and care are also essential for extending the lifespan of your ceramic coating. You should wash your car regularly to remove any dirt or debris that can damage the coating. Avoid washing your car with harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as this can damage the coating.

CarzSpa’s G10 Graphene ceramic coating ranks among the best ceramic coating in India. It is a revolutionary product that provides excellent protection and is long-lasting. It provides a premium, glossy finish to the car, making it look stunning. Its hydrophobic features repel water, making it easier to clean. It has chemical resistance properties to protect the paint from acidic damage from contaminants like bird droppings and UV resistance to prevent colour fading in the sun.

Why get ceramic coating from CarzSpa Detailing Studios?

Because No One Details Like We Do! Being the pioneers of car detailing in the country, we understand the value of paint protection during the lifespan of any car. What makes us achieve the best results in the application of ceramic coatings for cars, is that we possess expertise, experience and the (right) environment.

What makes us experts in the ceramic coating is that our detailing studios all over the country, 90+ and counting, use the right tools to achieve perfection in the application. Right from the cleaners, mitts, clay towels, paint gauges, polishers and sponge applicators, we source it from the best in the industry.

Secondly, the expertise our team of detailers possess is no match in the industry. This is because they are trained to achieve perfection by our founder and the president of the International Detailing Association (India Chapter) Anckur Sama himself. This ensures that the car gets coated on all important corners and surfaces, giving it great lustre and protection.

What completes us, is the hygienic environment we have created at our detailing studios to achieve perfection in ceramic coating application. The bays at our detailing studios are well-lit with bright lights to help spot even the tiniest of marks on the car’s surface. Further, they are air-conditioned to an ideal temperature of 21-28°C and the humidity is maintained below 50%. Our attention to detail ensures that the coating is applied correctly, giving you the most out of your investment in paint protection.

In Conclusion

Ceramic coating car cost is not an expenditure, but an investment that pays off in the long run. Ceramic Coatings provide a long-lasting protective layer that can save you money on maintenance and repairs over time if you get it done from a reputable car detailing studio like CarzSpa.

CarzSpa has over 90+ detailing studios spread across India and Nepal. Visit the nearest CarzSpa Detailing Studio in your city to get your car ceramic coated with the best, today.


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