A BrahMos missile placed on a display podium at an expo

Detailing Tales – When our car detailing expertise worked wonders on a BrahMos Missile

When it comes to car detailing, CarzSpa is the go-to choice for car detailing studios in India among automobile lovers who care for their beloved rides. With a wide range of expertise and experience, our detailers have worked their magic on various types of vehicles, like luxury cars, heavy-duty trucks, high-speed motorcycles, yachts and even aircraft. However, one such project which we wish to talk about is when CarzSpa Detailing Studios were asked to work on a mighty BrahMos missile.

Yes, you read that right. The team at CarzSpa Detailing Studios was given the mandate to work on the exterior of a BrahMos missile that was to be displayed to civilians at a defence expo in Goa in 2016. This was a unique and challenging project, and the team was thrilled to take it on.

So how did we end up detailing a missile?

CarzSpa Detailing Studios is well-known for having studios in 60+ cities. The brand has decades-long experience and expertise in vehicle detailing and car paint protection services in India. Apart from exceptional service and high-quality work, CarzSpa as a brand is also the pioneer of ceramic coating and has earned itself a reputation for having introduced the best ceramic coating in India in the form of the CrystalShield range of ceramic coats.

A BrahMos supersonic cruise missile in camouflage paint placed atop a carrier truck
The BrahMos supersonic cruise missile being driven to the expo in Goa

The skilled detailing team from CarzSpa visited the expo/exhibition venue where the missile was displayed. Armed with their arsenal of CarzSpa cleaning products, they embarked on the task of making the missile look like it is all set to launch and hit its target. The team knew that this was not going to be an ordinary car exterior detailing or interior car detailing job, and they had to pay extra attention to every detail.

How we actually detailed the missile

The team started with the exterior detailing, carefully examining the surface for any scratches, marks or damages. They used a combination of special cleaners and solvents to clean the missile’s surface, which had a special coating to protect it from corrosion and wear and tear. The team used a unique foam-based washing technique to prevent any scratches on the surface of the missile.

To ensure impeccable results, the team utilised an array of CarzSpa products specifically designed for such challenging tasks. Starting with the exterior, they employed the CarzSpa Ultra Gloss Shampoo, CarzSpa MPC (Multi-Purpose Cleaner), and CarzSpa Tar Remover. Accompanied by CarzSpa Microfibers and specialised brushes made of horse hair, they meticulously cleaned every nook and cranny of the missile.

A person in a yellow t-shirt checking a missile placed atop a truck
A CarzSpa team member inspecting the missile upon arrival

After completing the exterior detailing of the missile, the team focused their attention on the carrier vehicle that transported the BrahMos missile. The display of the missile was to be done atop the carrier, which was a special vehicle developed from a military lorry. The CarzSpa team ensured that every aspect of the carrier’s exterior was cleaned and detailed to perfection. The team applied their expertise in car exterior detailing to tackle this. The carrier cum lorry truck underwent a meticulous cleaning process and detailing, including the wheels and other components. No interior car detailing was required to be done. The team employed the standard detailing techniques and the same detailing products and cleaners that were used while working on the missile. The result was that the carrier vehicle looked immaculate and matched the same menacing vibe of the BrahMos missile atop it.

A job well done by CarzSpa

The defence expo was attended by the then defence minister of India, Shri Manohar Parrikar, who examined every piece of equipment and weaponry that was on display. And just like every visitor to the expo, even the defence minister was impressed to see the BrahMos missile stand out in all of its glory!

The team at CarzSpa Detailing Studios worked tirelessly on this unique project, and the result was stunning. The missile’s exterior and interior looked brand new, and the team was proud of their work. This was no piece of cake like the usual car exterior detailing and interior car detailing.

Work in progress on the BrahMos missile at the defence expo venue

This project was a unique challenge for the team and a testament to their expertise in the field of car exterior detailing and car interior detailing . It is also a testament to the level of trust that customers place in the team at CarzSpa Detailing Studios.

This project not only reaffirmed CarzSpa Detailing Studios’ reputation but also highlighted the level of trust placed in their expertise. The ability to take on such a unique and demanding task only adds to CarzSpa’s already impressive portfolio. Car lovers can rest assured that when it comes to car detailing , CarzSpa Detailing Studios is the unrivalled choice.

In conclusion, the team at CarzSpa Detailing Studios has proven that they are not only experts in car detailing but can take on any challenge, no matter how unique or challenging it may be. This project was an opportunity for the team to showcase their skills and expertise, and they came out with flying colours. The fact that they worked on a BrahMos missile only adds to their already impressive portfolio. If you’re looking for the best car detailing franchise in India , look no further than CarzSpa Detailing Studios in your city.


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