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How to Choose the Best Car Detailing Services For Your Car?

Your car fills your heart with pride and joy. But a car is also a reflection of you, an extension of who you are to the outside world. It becomes equally, if not more, important then to make sure your car is maintained well, inside and out.

For this, car washing services on the outside and vacuuming on the inside is not enough. Enter Car Detailing Services, requiring the involvement of expert detailers like the ones at your local CarzSpa Detailing Studio to restore the shine and gloss of your car’s paint surface, eliminate scratches on the outside and remove every last particle of dust along with refreshing the interiors entirely, to make sure your car leaves the detailing studio, looking and smelling like new.

What is car detailing?

The deep cleaning and restoration of your vehicle’s interior and exterior done meticulously with a scientific approach is what is meant by Car Detailing Service. The entire vehicle, right from the wheels, tyres, the exterior body, whether it is made of metal, plastic, leather, or other hard surfaces, is washed and cleaned by hand. An intensive cleansing process is followed for the interiors, getting into the cracks and crevices with the proper tools to get rid of all forms of dust, grime and other contaminants.

What are the benefits of car detailing?

  • Removes contaminants that cause damage to the car
  • Corrects scratches, swirl marks and dullness on surfaces like paint
  • Keeps the upholstery clean and eliminates odour
  • Restores the shine and gloss of the car’s paint
  • Ensures a longer life and better maintenance of your beloved car
  • Makes the next car detailing cycle that much easier!

Why is a car detailing service important for your car?

Car detailing services encompasses 3 major functions: cleaning, restoring and protecting. Performed on the entire car right from the paint and upholstery to the most hard-to-get-to crevice, these three services provide necessary maintenance for the car. Way more intensive than a regular wash and vacuum, car detailing ensures your car feels like new again and also disinfects the interiors and eliminates all forms of odour and infections that might be festering inside the car. A regularly detailed car therefore means better health for both your car and for those using it!

Here’s an extensive list of car detailing services provided at every CarzSpa Studio to make your car look and feel spick and span.


At CarzSpa Detailing Studios, our detailing jobs are split into two segments, Exterior Detailing and Interior Detailing. We extensively cleanse the car from the outside, edge to edge and corner to corner, decontaminate it and make required fixes to give your car the glossy new look and feel! Listed below are the detailing activities we do on the exterior:

precision is our strength carzspa

Before any form of detailing or restoration activity is undertaken on the car, it is important to know the condition of the paint on its body. The first step in every detailing job at CarzSpa Detailing Studios is to measure the thickness and depth of the original paint on the body of the car. Our expert detailers use a special Paint Thickness Gauge metre, which measures the car’s paint and identifies the defects on them. This helps in planning for the requisite corrective measures without causing any changes or damage to the original paint.

more intensive than a regular wash

The most basic way to bring the shine back on your car’s paint. A polish and wax keeps your car clean and shining on a regular basis at an affordable cost. It helps remove minor scratches, swirls, oxidation marks, helps maintain a glossy finish and even provides some level of protection from harmful UV rays and surface contaminants.


If your car is older than a year and not protected by any form of coatings or PPF, its paint is likely to be affected by swirls, scratches, colour fading and other defects which decrease the visual aesthetics of the car.
CarzSpa’s Decontamination and Surface Refinement process helps achieve a smooth, flawless and even-toned paint surface through our detailed 5-step process which includes:

1) Degreasing Wash: Removal of dirty, oily layers on top
2) Clay Bar Treatment: Removing stuck impurities and debris from the surface.
3) Sanding: Removal of scratches, paint defects and smoothening the surface
4) Compounding: Removing sanding marks and bringing gloss
5) Ceramic Polish: Removing dullness from the car’s paint


The plastic materials that your headlights and tail lamps are made out of, degrade and become faded with time. This happens because UV radiation and constant exposure to elements chip away at the outer layer. This becomes a safety issue as well, because of poorer visibility at night.

Car Interior Cleaning Services in India

At CarzSpa, our team first judges the severity of the cloudiness of the lights and lens, after which, we sand and polish the affected areas to restore the clarity of the headlights. The entire process is finished by applying a coat of UV protectant to ensure safety from any wear and tear.


Whether your car came with factory standard alloys or you have invested in the fancier aftermarket varieties, brake dust and iron deposits are enemy number one for the look and performance of your wheels. Also, wheels are the only part of your car that are in constant contact with the road, meaning they bear the most brunt in terms of exposure to dirt, temperature changes and the harsh environment.

Customised products are used as per the type of alloy wheels to ensure perfect cleaning, brushing, polishing, and finishing (with special alloy ceramic coatings) for guaranteed shine, gloss and protection.


Anti-Glare Windshield Polishing: The windshield is the most exposed part of your car. Any build-up of dust, carbon emissions, smog and hard water scaling reduces visibility. CarzSpa’s windshield cleaning and polishing treatment remove hard water spots and other contaminants, giving better nighttime visibility and clearer glass during rains.

Windshield Coating: Our Nano Coating for Windshield is an exceptional water-repellent coating that creates a protective layer on your glass fittings. This service is crucial especially during the rainy season, ensuring dirt particles and water both get repelled easily thus creating better visibility.


Cars washed with hard water often leave behind stubborn water spots on the glass and on the paint surface. These marks can mar the car’s look completely. A simple car wash cannot help remove these stubborn spots easily.

At CarzSpa, we use special acidic chemicals to remove dirt marks, water spots, dead insect spots, tree sap and more from your car’s glass & paint surfaces.


The car interiors contain many contaminants that have crept into the various folds and vents with daily use, and cleaning them requires a keen eye and some special tools. Listed below are the intensive detailing activities that are a must for your car.


We call it “Intensive” Car Interior Cleaning Services in India and Nepal because every nook and cranny of your car is given the CarzSpa attention-to-detail. First we dry vacuum the interiors. Second, we use our steam cleaner along with dry foam chemicals.

All parts are thoroughly cleaned during this exercise including Fabric/Leather seats, door hinges, seat belts, A/C vents, boot area, roof, etc. We then get to work with an effective spray extraction technique for cleaning your car upholstery, finishing the whole process with a rubber/vinyl conditioner applied.

This extensive process ensures that you are left with a dirt-free, germ-free, hygienic cabin that will please both you and your fellow passengers.


In this post-COVID era, every car owner needs to be more aware of the quality of their environment and ensure a safe and hygienic cabin space. CarzSpa removes unpleasant odours, bacteria and viruses by placing an Ozone Generator inside the car. Ozone is the most powerful sterilant in the world. It eradicates nasty smells from cigarettes, spilled beverages and foodstuff and also kills 99% of any bacteria and germs found inside.

For best results, ask for the Intensive Interior Cleaning + Ozone Air Purification combination at your nearest CarzSpa Detailing Studio.


Your car’s leather seats see a lot of wear and tear. This can be because of exposure to UV rays, dirt and loose debris, all of it resulting in cracked, faded and flaking seats.

At CarzSpa, we solve this problem by vacuuming and cleaning the outer leather surfaces first. For tougher stains, we go the extra mile and use special leather cleaners to remove harder stains and marks. Post-cleaning, we apply aloe-based leather conditioners that contain UV inhibitors and protectors leaving your seats supple and soft.

How to choose the appropriate car detailing service?

There’s something valuable for every type of car at CarzSpa Detailing Studios. We have divided our packages into 4 different types of detailing services.

The basic plan involves hand-washing your car corner to corner, followed by an intensive interior cleaning of the cabin. Then there’s the trims and tyre dressing and engine and interior dressing. This makes your car look brand new inside-out, and ready for any further paint protection job that needs to be done. The other 3 plans include:


Each one offers a more meticulous detailing job over other services. Check out the table below to see what entails in each package.

Our packages start from Rs. 5000 and go up to Rs. 15,000 allowing customers to pick a package as per the size and need of restoration for the car.

Once you’ve restored your car back to its original, showroom-finish, it is crucial to maintain this new-car look as long as you can. And this is where you can opt for a protective coating for your car, like the CrystalShield range of ceramic coatings or the Aegis Paint Protection Films. Understand more about it here.

Visit the nearest CarzSpa Detailing studio in your city to get a detailed quote about the complete array of services for your car. We have over 90+ detailing studios spread across the length and breadth of the country and in Nepal too. You can also get an online quote for detailing from our team. Just visit our website and click on “Book Your Service” to share your requirements and get started.


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