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Buying a new car this festive season? Protect it With CarzSpa!

The best way to gear up for the festive season is to drive home in a brand-new car! Purchasing a car is considered auspicious during this festive season. And prosperity is bound to grow, when you protect it.

Our founder and detailing guru Anckur Sama advises car owners to protect their brand-new rides from Day 1 with the finest ceramic coating for cars. For those who wish to go a notch higher, getting a PPF coating for their new car will offer the ultimate protection.

When your brand new car rolls out of the showroom, it has an amazing gloss, an almost mirror-like finish. However, driving the car around every day exposes the paint to various environmental aggressors, pollutants causing scratches and abrasions. To maintain the original showroom finish on your car’s exterior, the paint has to be protected either with ceramic coating or PPF as your car’s protection.

What is ceramic coating for cars?

Ceramic coating is a durable paint protection coating for your car, consisting of nano-ceramic particles that form a layer over your car’s paint coat. When exposed to air, these nano-based ceramic particles crystalise, forming a hard layer of glass over the clear coat. Since these particles interlock with the surface molecules of your car’s paint, they create a semi-permanent layer of protection which keeps your car’s paint safe from dirt, debris, UV rays and chemical stains for years to come.

Is ceramic coating advisable for new cars?

Yes, ceramic coating for cars is a great protectant for a car’s paint surface from Day 1. It increases the life of the paint and provides an amazing gloss to its appearance as if the vehicle just rolled out of a factory, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Helps repel mud and rain

Most cars arrive at the dealership or showroom with a protective coating of wax or a thin paint sealant. It’s usually a spray-on product that is applied at the factory to help protect the surface during transit. But these coatings are not strong or durable. In fact, they can be removed by applying any strong cleaning agent.
ppf car protection
How CarzSpa CrystalShield Ceramic Coatings protect your car's surface

Applying CarzSpa’s CrystalShield Ceramic Coating for cars when it is still new will help improve protection against mud, rain, and dirt. This is because the ceramic coating is superhydrophobic, which means it repels water. This also makes it less likely for bird droppings, tree sap, pollen and other stuff to stick to the paint.

Protection against colour fading and corrosion

All cars are prone to damage from the UV Rays (Ultra Violet Rays) from the sun. Constant exposure to UVA and UVB rays eventually breaks down the clear coat, making space for environmental elements like oxygen, water, salt and road grime to react with the underlying metal. This leads to colour fading and makes the overall look of the car dull. The CrystalShield ceramic coat for cars is strong enough to block UV rays, which eliminates the potential for colour fading and the development of rust on the vehicle’s exterior due to corrosion.
With the car’s paint and other surfaces clean and free of tiny contaminants, the microscopic nanoparticles will fill any peaks and valleys on the paint surface, leaving the surface exceptionally flat. With every additional layer of ceramic coat, the protective shield will expand, and the level of protection increases against minor scratches and exposure to harmful elements.

So when do I need Paint Protection Film for my car?

For an even higher degree of protection, we recommend Paint Protection Film or PPF coating. PPF is a highly durable, ultra-thin and exceptionally strong polymer-based protective film made with Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).
This transparent protective film enhances the shine of your vehicle. Additionally, it has a self-healing ability against minor damages like scratches and swirls caused by environmental aggressors and humans, which can be self-healed by exposure to the sun or using a heat gun.
ppf coating for car
CarzSpa Aegis PPF being installed on a brand new car
CarzSpa’s Aegis PPF is made from the finest sheets of TPU that offer top-notch performance and best-in-class durability for years. Our high gloss premium films were developed using the latest covalent bond nanotechnology that helps keep your car protected and looking new every day.

An enhanced finish

While some PPF’s might improve the shine of your vehicle, Aegis PPF car protection is available in both gloss or matte finish. In fact, if you have a high gloss paint job, you can apply the Aegis Matt – to instantly create a brilliant and customised exterior look and appeal.

Superior damage protection

PPFs have higher impact resistance from flying debris like small rocks, sharp twigs, shards etc. and other manual impacts like abrasions on door handles while opening and accidental scratches from car keys and rings. Hence, it protects the car’s body paint from such damages and maintains its new look for a longer period of time.

Self healing from minor scratches

CarzSpa Aegis car paint protection has self-healing properties. This means that minor scratches can get self healed, simply by pouring hot water – or by blowing a heat gun. The minor scratches get automatically filled and film maintains the amazing finish for a long time.

Now, before you head out to get the delivery of your brand new ride, make sure you get your appointment with your nearest CarzSpa Detailing Studio for a stunning ceramic coating of PPF installation on your car. And then take it out for a spin around the city!



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