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Introducing our top car care products for paint protection from CrystalShield

CarzSpa Detailing Studios has long been the go-to for car detailing services in India and our commitment to innovation has never wavered. In 2021, we introduced CrystalShield G10 Graphene Coating, which revolutionised the automotive paint protection industry. And now, we’re taking things even further with the introduction of our newest car care products: G10 Impact, Trinity Matt, Marvel and Fab 1 Fabric Nano Coating.

These new paint protection and car detailing products offer a range of benefits that will help you keep your car looking its best for years to come. Let’s explore them together!

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G10 Impact - An IMPACTFUL Graphene Coating

G10 Impact is the upgrade over CrystalShield’s super successful G10, which was introduced a few years ago in India. G10 Impact takes the groundbreaking innovation of graphene ceramic coating and car detailing products to the next level. This product has been formulated with an improved version of Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO) and boasts an impressive 10H hardness. We have listed down some unique benefits of G10 Impact that elevate your car’s paint protection and make your car look brand new.

Image of a bottle of graphene ceramic coating
CarzSpa’s upgraded version of graphene ceramic coatings G10 Impact

Benefits of G10 Impact

  • Improved Graphene:

    The upgraded graphene formula in G10 Impact provides superior protection and unmatched durability for your car’s paint.

  • Insane Gloss:

    Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring shine as G10 Impact bestows an insane gloss on your car’s surface. Your car will captivate onlookers and shine like never before.

  • Increased Hydrophobicity:

    Water and dirt stand no chance against G10 Impact’s hydrophobic shield, ensuring your car remains pristine in any weather.

  • Repels Water & Dirt:

    G10 Impact’s exceptional water and dirt repellency makes all the dust and other particles slide off the surface easily.

  • Permanent Bond:

    G10 Impact forms a permanent bond with your car’s surface, delivering long-lasting protection that stands strong against time and elements.

  • 10H Pencil Hardness:

    Your car’s paint is protected with outstanding scratch resistance, thanks to G10 Impact’s remarkable 10H hardness rating.

  • Super Sleek & Smooth:

    G10 Impact elevates the aesthetics of your beloved ride with an ultra-smooth surface that enhances your car’s appearance.

  • 7 Years Protection:

    G10 Impact offers an astounding seven years of extended durability and protection for your car.

Experience the advanced graphene ceramic coating that dares to push the boundaries. G10 Impact is a part of our range of upgraded top car care products for paint protection exclusively by CrystalShield.

Trinity Matt - 9H Ceramic Coating for Matte Finish Cars

Image of a bottle of matte-finish ceramic coating
A special ceramic coating for cars with matte finish paint job

If you own a sleek matte finish car, you know how important it is to maintain its distinctive and luxurious appearance. Introducing Trinity Matt from CrystalShield by CarzSpa Detailing Studios – a revolutionary 9H ceramic coating tailored specifically for matte finish cars. Experience the best car paint protection services in India with Trinity Matt, a game-changer designed to enhance the beauty of your car while providing exceptional protection against external hazards.

Benefits of Trinity Matt

  • 9H Pencil Hardness:

    Trinity Matt boasts an impressive 9H hardness level, ensuring your car’s paint remains shielded from hairline scratches and minor impacts. You can confidently navigate through various terrains without worrying about damage to your car’s pristine appearance.

  • Hydrophobic:

    This exceptional ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic surface, causing water to bead up and effortlessly roll off the surface. The result? A dry and spotless car even after facing rain or water splashes.

  • Matte Finish Preservation:

    Trinity Matt is specially formulated to maintain the unique matte appearance of your car, preserving its luxurious and low-gloss look.

  • Effortless Cleaning:

    The dirt-repellent properties of Trinity Matt make cleaning your car a breeze. No need to struggle with stubborn dirt and grime, as the coating ensures they don’t adhere to your car’s surface, allowing for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

  • Chemical Resistance:

    Trinity Matt forms a robust barrier against harsh chemicals and acidic substances, effectively protecting your car’s paint from corrosion and damage.

Experience the pinnacle of matte finish car protection with Trinity Matt by CrystalShield. Trust our detailing and car maintenance experts at CarzSpa Detailing Studios to apply this cutting-edge ceramic coating and elevate your car’s protection to new heights.

Marvel - Nano Coating for PPF

Image of a bottle of ceramic coating for PPF
A specially developed ceramic coating to be applied on PPFs

The unique one among the new additions to the CrystalShield range of top car care products, CarzSpa Detailing Studios is proud to introduce Marvel, the best ceramic coating for car paint protection films in India. Your PPF is a self-sacrificial layer, which will keep the car’s paint safe from scratches, pollution and UV Rays; and in doing so, it will bear the brunt of the elements. Marvel protects the PPF from colour fading/change and keeps it looking like new for years to come.

Benefits of Marvel Ceramic Coating for PPF

  • Easy cleaning:

    Marvel’s hydrophobic properties make it easy to keep your car clean. Water and dirt simply bead up and roll off, leaving no residue behind.

  • Long-lasting:

    Marvel is formulated to last for up to 5 years, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your PPF is protected for the long haul.

  • Flexible:

    Marvel is flexible enough to work with self-healing films, making it compatible with the latest PPF technology.

  • Works on both glossy and matte PPFs:

    Whether you prefer a glossy or matte finish paint protection film on your car, Marvel has you covered with its enhanced protection.

If you’re looking to install the best paint protection film in India from CarzSpa, take it a notch above and get it ceramic coated with Marvel too. It’s the perfect way to keep your car looking new for years to come.

Fab 1 Fabric Nano Coating

Fab 1 Fabric Nano Coating stands as a formidable solution in car interior cleaning services in India. This highly effective coating transforms ordinary fabrics into extraordinary ones, making them waterproof, stain-resistant and remarkably easy to clean.

Fab 1 Fabric Nano Coating by CrystalShield is an upgrade in car interior protection and the future of car maintenance, where protection, aesthetics and ease of cleaning converge seamlessly.

Image of a bottle of protective nano coating for car interior fabric
Even the interiors need protection from contaminants

Benefits of Fab 1 Fabric Nano Coating

  • Stain Prevention:

    Say goodbye to worries about spills and stains. Fab 1 Fabric Nano Coating creates a barrier against water and oil-based stains, ensuring your car’s interior remains immaculate.

  • Breathable and Durable:

    Fab 1 Fabric Nano Coating is designed to be breathable, allowing stale air to escape while repelling liquids. Its exceptional durability ensures long-lasting protection against daily wear and tear.

  • Texture Unaffected:

    The nanoparticles of Fab 1 Fabric Nano Coating individually coat each fabric fibre, leaving the texture unaffected. Your car’s interior will retain its original feel and appearance.

  • Colour-Safe:

    Worried about tarnishing finishes? Fab 1 Fabric Nano Coating is colour-safe and will not compromise the appearance of your car’s interior.

  • Enhanced Hydrophobicity:

    Fab 1 Fabric Nano Coating goes above and beyond, offering heightened hydrophobicity. Moisture and spillages will simply bead up and roll off, leaving your car’s interior dry and spotless.

  • Proven Performance:

    Rigorous testing has demonstrated the exceptional performance of Fab 1 Fabric Nano Coating. It remains at its full potential even after washing cycles, ensuring consistent protection.

Some concluding thoughts

CarzSpa is committed to providing the top car care products and services to car owners. We always seek feedback from our customers and franchise partners to develop new and innovative products that meet their needs.

These new paint protection and car detailing products are a testament to our commitment to innovation. They are the result of years of research and development and they offer a level of protection and performance that is unmatched by any other product on the market.

Getting mere car washing services is not complete car maintenance. That’s why we offer a wide range of car detailing and paint protection services to keep your car looking and performing its best. We have a network of 90+ car detailing studios, to get your car detailed and protected at the nearest studio in your city.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times can you apply ceramic coating on cars?
It depends on the durability of the ceramic coating you choose. This can range anywhere between 1 year (CrystalShield Lite) to 7 years (G10 Impact). To ensure the coating continues to perform well, yearly maintenance is a must.

2. Can I get both PPF and ceramic coating together?
Yes, you can apply a special ceramic coating like Marvel on the PPF installed on your car. Don’t look at it as an additional expenditure of ceramic coating car cost, but an investment that will enhance the paint protection of your car and last for years.

3. Can I put PPF on top of ceramic coating?
No, PPF cannot be applied over a ceramic coated car. But it can be done the other way around, where a special nano ceramic coating like CrystalShield Marvel can be applied on the PPF-installed car.

4. What is the best protection for car interior fabric?
Getting a specialised nano-coating for the fabrics from a car detailing studio can help you protect your car fabric from spills and stains. The Fab 1 by CarzSpa Detailing Studios is one such product which makes the interior fabric waterproof, stain-resistant and remarkably easy to clean.


Deepam Sama

Deepam Sama

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