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Graphene Ceramic Coating Graphene Ceramic Coating

Graphene Ceramic Coating

Graphene ceramic coatings impart a rich, deep shine to the surface. Its super smooth properties make it extremely hydrophobic and anti-static…

CrystalShield Ceramic Coating CrystalShield Ceramic Coating

CrystalShield Ceramic Coating

Just like there are varying quality levels of a tire, or engine oil, or even a car shampoo, not all ceramic coatings are of equal quality. The quality of Ceramic Coatings…

Aegis Paint Protection Films Aegis Paint Protection Films

Aegis Paint Protection Films

Getting even a small scratch on a brand new car can really hurt. Paint Protection Films are designed to prevent this pain. PPF is basically like a mobile screen guard; but for your car. It is an invisible film…

Car Detailing Services Car Detailing Services

Car Detailing Services

Simply put, Car Detailing is the process of cleaning and reconditioning the exterior and the interior of your car. The goal of detailing is to restore the shine and gloss…

Alloy Wheel Polishing Alloy Wheel Polishing

Alloy Wheel Polishing

Whether your car came with factory standard alloys or you have invested in the fancier aftermarket varieties, brake dust and iron deposits are enemy number 1 to the look and performance of your wheels.

Decontamination and Surface Refinement Decontamination and Surface Refinement

Decontamination and Surface Refinement

CarzSpa’s decontamination and surface refinement process helps you achieve a smooth, flawless, and even-toned paint surface through our detailed and deep 5-step process

Genuine Leather Treatment Genuine Leather Treatment

Genuine Leather Treatment

Your car’s leather seats see a lot of wear and tear. This can be because of exposure to UV rays, dirt and loose debris, all of it resulting in cracked, faded and flaking seats.

Glass Treatment Glass Treatment

Glass Treatment

CarzSpa’s windshield cleaning and polishing treatment eliminates this risk by removing hard water spots and other contaminants, giving better nighttime visibility and clearer glass during rains.

Head and Tail Light Restoration Head and Tail Light Restoration

Head and Tail Light Restoration

The plastic materials that your headlights and tail lamps are made out of, degrade and become faded with time.

Intensive Interior Cleaning Intensive Interior Cleaning

Intensive Interior Cleaning

We call it “Intensive” because every nook and cranny of your car is given the CarzSpa attention to detail. First we dry vacuum the interiors. Second, we use our steam cleaner along with dry foam chemicals.

One Step Polish And Wax One Step Polish And Wax

One Step Polish And Wax

Your prized possessions receive the same love and care that you give them after they come into our CarzSpa Studio.
Our in-house detailing experts will help you maintain that “New Car” feeling.

Trims Restoration Trims Restoration

Trims Restoration

Black plastic trims always fade to an ugly grey over time and daily wear and tear. Your plastic and rubber trims brave harmful UV rays, dust and other contaminants on a daily basis which results in discoloration and an old grey look.

Water Spots Removal Water Spots Removal

Water Spots Removal

Cars washed with hard water often leave behind stubborn water spots on the glass and on the paint surface. These marks kill the car’s look completely.

Ozone Air Purification Ozone Air Purification

Ozone Air Purification

In the post-COVID era, every car owner needs to be aware of his environment and ensure a safe and hygienic cabin space. CarzSpa removes unpleasant odours,bacteria and viruses by placing an Ozone Generator inside the car.

Washing Services Washing Services

Washing Services

Improper techniques and bad products used by “at-home” car washers have a significant negative impact on the car’s paint. Dirty cloth, hard shampoos and excessive scrubbing cause swirl marks and…

CarzSpa provides the best car detailing services in Ludhiana with professional expertise

CarzSpa detail services are well-known among auto enthusiasts who love meticulous car detailing performed by professionals. Our expert professionals bring innovative detailing services to the table that brings value. Carzspa provides both exterior and interior detailing services that bring the pristine feeling of a new car -or even better than new. Our experts are well-versed with the nitty-gritty of scientific methods of detailing.

We offer detailing services like:

  • Ceramic Coating in Ludhiana
  • Graphene Coating in Ludhiana
  • Paint Protection Film in Ludhiana
  • Car Detailing Services in Ludhiana
  • Car Washing Services in Ludhiana

Why CrystalShield is the best Ceramic coating in Ludhiana?

The best ceramic coating for vehicles in Ludhiana is CrystalShield Ceramic Coating. This Ceramic coating is composed of up to 80% high-quality SiO2. It is developed after a rigorous R&D so that the best results are achieved. When exposed to air, this material hardens, leaving behind a smooth surface and adding a protective coating.

Besides providing added protection to your vehicle’s exterior, it will also provide a gorgeous, glossy appearance that even brand-new cars lack. This coating will directly bond with your car’s clear coat, providing you with a semi-permanent, durable coating that won’t wash off like cheap coatings.

Get the best Graphene coating in Ludhiana

Graphene is one of the world’s thinnest and strongest materials. The incorporation of graphene into standard ceramic coatings raises paint protection to an entirely new level. The addition of the special Crystal Shield G10 graphene coating is worth considering because of its outstanding results.

Graphene coatings give the car’s surface a rich, deep shine while also providing greater protection against dirt, water, UV rays, and other environmental detritus. This is one of the best Graphene coatings. It forms a permanent bond and provides seven years of unhindered protection to your vehicle.

Providing the best Paint Protection Film in Ludhiana

Aegis PPF is the best automobile PPF in Mohali. PPF functions as an invisible layer of protection for your car’s paint. This PPF coating is like an invisible film that protects your car from scratches, rock chips, UV rays, color fading, and keeps it looking like new.

We use the correct chemicals, procedures, and applicators at CarzSpa to apply Aegis paint protection film. It accomplishes everything beneficial for your automobile, such as offering 5-10 years of durability, resisting stains and discoloration, and preserving the market value of your vehicle.

Why CarzSpa offers the best Car Detailing Services in Ludhiana

Know more about the best car detailers in Ludhiana. We provide car detailing services that include a variety of maintenance and improvement procedures that focus on thoroughly cleaning your vehicle from every angle. CarzSpa offers the best car detailing services that go beyond simple vacuuming and quick car washes. We provide extensive interior and exterior deep cleaning services, such as one-step polish and wax, and water spot removal.

The following services will remove minor swirls, oxidation marks and impart a glossy finish. Other services available under car detailing include Intensive interior cleaning and ozone air purification, wherein thorough washing and cleaning techniques for car upholstery are implemented.

Top-notch car washing services in Ludhiana

Searching for best car wash near me for Ludhiana location? CarzSpa is your answer to this! This car washing center will be your best choice if you are looking for a good car wash.

We use dedicated car-wash products for your vehicle. Improper car washing techniques like excessive scrubbing can tamper with paint and harm the surface. While a quick wash may not always be sufficient. At CarzSpa we provide steam wash as well as foam wash to clean your car thoroughly.  Our expert technicians use specialized car cleaners such as degreaser/engine cleaners, car shampoos, tar removers, and alloy wheel cleaners to thoroughly clean all areas of concern.

Why Choose CarzSpa in Ludhiana?

Genuine products
Our priority is to use genuine products so that a long-lasting effect is visible even after challenging weather conditions.

Scientific detailing techniques
All of our detailing methods are based on science that has been tested and proven by top experts around the globe.

Delightful customer experience
Our service is outcome-oriented and centered on the client. Getting your car maintained at CarzSpa is an experience!

Car detailing experts
We house some of the best professionals who are best at what they do. With complete knowledge of cars and maintenance service, we deliver the best.

Passion-driven services
Car maintenance and servicing is not a job for us. We love what we do and are passionate about it.