How to Keep Your Hyundai Creta SUV in Top Condition

The Hyundai Creta SUV is one of the most popular and best-selling cars in India. Since its launch in 2015, it has sold over 900,000 units in the domestic market and has won many awards and accolades for its design, performance and features. The Creta SUV is a favourite among car lovers who appreciate its spacious and comfortable interior, powerful and efficient engine and stylish and modern exterior. At CarzSpa Detailing Studios, we get to see a lot of Creta SUVs drive in for our premium car care services, such as car detailing, ceramic coating and paint protection film installation.

If you’re among the ones who own a Creta, we want to help you keep it in the best condition possible. Our experts have shared the cheat sheet to care so that you can enjoy driving it for years to come. In this blog, we will cover topics such as engine, battery, tyres, wheels, fuse, exterior care and interior care. We will also explain the benefits of using paint protection film to protect your car’s paint.

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Maintaining and optimising the engine

The engine is the heart of your Hyundai Creta and it needs proper care and maintenance to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. One of the most important things you can do for your engine is to check the engine oil level regularly and use the recommended Hyundai engine oil. The engine oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine, reduces friction and wear and prevents overheating. You should check the engine oil level at least once a month, change the engine oil, and filter every 10,000 kilometres or 12 months, whichever comes first. You can either do it yourself, following the instructions in the owner’s manual or take your car to a Hyundai service centre for the same.

Another way to improve the fuel efficiency and performance of your engine is to avoid sudden acceleration and braking, which can waste fuel and damage the engine. You should also use cruise control when driving on highways, which can help you maintain a steady speed and save fuel. Moreover, you should keep the tyres properly inflated, which can reduce the rolling resistance and improve the mileage. Suppose you want to give your engine a thorough and professional cleaning. In that case, you can also opt for our car washing service at CarzSpa Detailing Studios, which can remove the dirt, dust and carbon deposits from the engine bay and restore its original shine.

Keeping your battery in good condition

The battery is the source of power for your Creta and it needs proper care and maintenance to keep it working reliably and efficiently. One of the things you can do for your battery is to keep it securely mounted, clean and dry. A loose, dirty, or wet battery can cause corrosion, leakage, or short circuits, which can damage the battery and the electrical system. You should check the dashboard of your car to see the warning signs related to the battery voltage and electrolyte level regularly. You could use a voltmeter and a hydrometer and recharge or replace the battery if needed. A low or high voltage or electrolyte level can indicate a weak or faulty battery, which can affect the performance and lifespan of your car. Moreover, you should disconnect the battery cables if you are not going to use the car for a long period, such as a month or more. This can prevent the battery from draining and prolong its life.

Checking and caring for your tyres

The tyres are the only part of your SUV that touches the road, and they play a vital role in the safety and performance of your car. That’s why you should maintain adequate tyre pressure and check it regularly. Usually, you could see the warning signs of tyre pressure on the dashboard or you could use a tyre pressure gauge. The correct tyre pressure for your car is indicated on the driver’s door jamb or in the owner’s manual. You should also measure the tyre tread depth and identify the signs of tyre wear and damage, such as cracks, bulges, or uneven patterns.

The minimum legal tread depth in India is 1.6 mm, but you should replace your tyres before they reach this limit. You should also rotate your tyres every 10,000 kilometres or earlier depending on the driving conditions, following the rotation pattern shown in the owner’s manual. This can help you extend the life and performance of your tyres. Some of the good tyre brands and models for the Hyundai Creta SUV are Bridgestone Ecopia, Michelin Primacy, and Apollo Alnac.

Cleaning and protecting your wheels

The wheels of your Creta are not only functional but also aesthetic. They add to the overall look and appeal of your car. That’s why you should clean and polish your wheels regularly, using a wheel cleaner and a soft cloth. This can help you remove the dirt, dust, and brake dust that can accumulate on your wheels and cause corrosion and dullness. You should also inspect your wheels for any cracks, bends, or dents, which can affect the safety and performance of your car. If you notice any damage, you should take your car to a service centre or a wheel specialist for repair or replacement. To further protect your wheels from rusting and staining, you can opt for Mag4 Alloy Wheel Coating, a strong nano ceramic coating that creates a tenacious bond with the clear coat and prevents dirt from sticking. Mag4 Alloy Wheel Coating is one of the best protection for alloy wheels, as it has a unique and fine surface rheology and chemical bonding mechanism that makes it outstanding in performance.

Image of the wheel of a Mercedes
It is always important to maintain the tyres and wheels of your SUV to prevent accidents

Moreover, you should know the different types of wheels available for the Hyundai Creta SUV, such as steel, alloy, or chrome, and their pros and cons. Steel wheels are cheaper and stronger, but heavier and less stylish. Alloy wheels are lighter and more attractive, but more expensive and prone to damage. Chrome wheels are shiny and eye-catching, but require more maintenance and can peel or rust. If you want to give your wheels a new and improved look, you can also opt for our car detailing service at CarzSpa Detailing Studios, which can offer you a fine wheel finish.

Locating and replacing the fuses

The fuses are the devices that protect your SUV’s electrical circuits from overloading or short-circuiting. They are located in two fuse boxes, one in the driver’s side panel bolster, and the other in the engine compartment near the battery. You can find the fuse/relay label inside the fuse box cover, which describes the name and capacity of each fuse and relay. To check and replace a blown fuse, you need to turn off the ignition and all the switches, and then remove the fuse box cover. You can use a fuse puller or a pair of pliers to remove the fuse and inspect the element inside.

An image of the fuse box of a Hyundai Creta
Fuses protect the interior circuits of your SUV (Source: Fuse And Relay)

If the element is melted or broken, the fuse is blown and needs to be replaced with a new one of the same rating. Some of the common causes and symptoms of a faulty fuse are a faulty device, a loose or corroded connection, or a warning light on the dashboard. You can refer to the diagram for the fuse layout and specifications for the Hyundai Creta SUV on the official website too.

Some exterior care for the SUV

The exterior of your Hyundai Creta is the first thing that people notice about your car and it reflects your personality and style. That’s why you should wash your car properly using a car washing shampoo and a microfiber cloth, which can remove the dirt, dust and grime from your car’s surface without scratching or damaging it. You should also dry your car using a chamois or a blower, which can prevent water spots and streaks from forming on your car’s paint. However, washing and drying your car is not enough to protect it from the harsh environmental elements, such as UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings and road salt.

That’s why you should consider getting some form of car paint protection, like applying a ceramic coating or a paint protection film (PPF) on your car, which can provide a durable and glossy layer of protection for your car’s paint. A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that bonds with your car’s paint and forms a hard and hydrophobic coating that repels water, dirt and contaminants. A PPF is a TPU-based transparent film that covers your car’s paint and protects it from scratches, rock chips and fading. Both products can enhance the appearance and value of your car and make it easier to maintain.

However, both products require trained and experienced experts to apply and that’s where we at CarzSpa Detailing Studios come in. We have the skills and the tools to apply a ceramic coating or a PPF on your car and we guarantee a flawless and satisfying result. We also offer a unique product called Marvel PPF Coating, which is a special coating that enhances the durability and gloss of any PPF on car.

So, how much would it cost for Creta's paint protection?

Protecting your Hyundai Creta’s paint job is crucial, and there are various options available to suit your budget and needs. This table provides an overview of the approximate costs for different paint protection films (PPF) and ceramic coatings.

PPF Coating Price for Creta Ceramic Coating Cost for Creta
₹65,500 to ₹2,30,000
₹15,000 to ₹50,000

Keeping the interiors spic and span

The interior of your SUV deserves as much attention and care as the exterior. That’s why you should vacuum and dust the interior regularly, using a vacuum cleaner and a soft cloth, to remove the dust, dirt and crumbs from the seats, carpets, mats, dashboard and windows. You should also clean the seats, carpets, mats, dashboard and windows with a suitable cleaner and a microfiber cloth, to remove any stains, spills, or marks.

However, sometimes cleaning is not enough to remove the odours and bacteria that can linger in the interior, especially if you have pets, smoke, or eat in the car. That’s why you should consider sanitising and deodorising the interior to eliminate germs and allergens. If you want to give your interior a complete and professional makeover, you can also opt for a car detailing service at CarzSpa Detailing Studios. This includes a premium car wash service and intensive interior cleaning using steam cleaning and ozone treatment, along with leather conditioners and deodorisers. A professionally done car interior cleaning can make your interior look and smell fresh and new.

You have just learned how to care for your Hyundai Creta like a pro. Now, it’s time to put your knowledge into action and give your car the TLC it deserves. Whether you need a car wash, a car detailing, a ceramic coating or a paint protection film, we at CarzSpa Detailing Studios with our 90+ studios across India and Nepal are ready to protect and care for your beloved SUV. Call us today at +91-99040 89900 and book your appointment. Your Creta will thank you for it.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is Creta a high maintenance cost?
The Creta is not a very high-maintenance SUV. The total periodic maintenance service cost for the Creta 2015-2020 for 5 years is only ₹21,538, which is the lowest in its segment. The first three services are free of cost and they are due after 1500 km, 10000 km, and 20000 km respectively. The Creta also has a long service interval of 10000 km or 12 months, whichever comes first. (Source: CarDekho)

2. Which oil is used in Creta?
The Creta has different engine oil grades for different variants and fuel types. For petrol variants, the recommended engine oil grade is ACEA A3/B4 – SAE 5 W 30, except for the All-New Creta T-GDI BS-VI, which requires ACEA C2 0W303. For diesel variants, the recommended engine oil grade is API CH 4 Grade – SAE 15W 40, except for the Verna T-GDI BS VI, which requires ACEA C2 0W304. The total oil capacity ranges from 3.0 L to 5.3 L depending on the model.

3. How many kms can Creta last?
There is no definitive answer to how many kilometres a Creta can last, as it depends on various factors such as driving habits, road conditions, climate, and usage. However, some owners have reported that their Creta has crossed over 1 lakh kilometres without any major issues.


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