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CarzSpa in Maharashtra: A car franchise success story!

The Indian automotive industry has been witnessing significant growth over the years. As per a report by Statista, India is the fourth-largest car market in the world. And it is expected to become the world’s third-largest car market in the coming few. With the growing number of cars on the roads, the demand for car detailing services is also increasing. In Maharashtra, CarzSpa Detailing Studios has emerged as one of the most successful car franchise brands. Let’s take a look at the success story of CarzSpa Detailing Studios in Maharashtra as a car franchise in India specialising in vehicle detailing and how it has become a leading name in the car detailing business.

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Maharashtra and CarzSpa - A match made in heaven

Maharashtrians love their cars and the maximum number of used car sales happens in Maharashtra. People keep changing their cars regularly and prefer mid-range vehicles like hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. No matter what car they own and drive, they want to keep it in prime shape and even customise it to suit their taste and style. As a result, the automobile detailing industry is booming in the state. CarzSpa Detailing Studios currently has 13 detailing studios in 10 cities of Maharashtra. Pune has the highest number of studios among the Maharashtrian cities, with 4 detailing car franchise outlets. CarzSpa set foot in Maharashtra with a detailing studio franchise outlet in Thane in the year 2009. Since then, the brand has expanded its reach to various cities across the state.

A map showing CarzSpa detailing studios in Maharashtra
CarzSpa’s Reach in Maharashtra

Making inroads into unchartered territory and growing!

Maharashtra is a massive market and from a detailing industry’s perspective, it can be easily divided into two parts – Mumbai & Pune and the Rest of Maharashtra. CarzSpa Detailing Studios opened its first detailing studio in Thane in 2009. Apart from setting up car franchises for detailing in Mumbai and Pune, CarzSpa went into the untapped regions, studying the market, understanding the needs of car lovers and bringing their expertise in car detailing, professionalism in service and the best quality car paint protection services in India. We went on to open world-class detailing studios in Aurangabad, Baramati, Gondia, Kolhapur, Latur, Nagpur, Nanded and Solapur. The market has seen significant growth in the last decade and so has CarzSpa in Maharashtra.

A collage of detailing studios in Maharashtra by CarzSpa
CarzSpa’s superstar detailing studios in Maharashtra - Pune, Gondia, Solapur and Nagpur

The most sought-after service from CarzSpa Detailing Studios is automobile detailing, followed by intensive interior cleaning, paint protection films and ceramic coating for vehicles. Car owners in Maharashtra like to take care of their beloved rides in the best possible way and detailing and paint protection are the ideal ways to ensure that their cars have that mint condition look and the new car feeling. For this, they won’t mind spending well on detailing and paint protection film costs. Something which a regular service centre franchise may not offer them.

CarzSpa's competitive edge in Maharashtra

Competition in the car detailing market of Maharashtra has intensified in recent years, as an increasing number of players are vying for a share of the market. The market is characterised by a diverse range of players, including independent detailers, established detailing chains coming in and many car franchises in India and service centre franchises offering detailing services, various forms of car cleaning, customisation services and car paint protection in India . However, people in Maharashtra value quality in products and services, something which they find in our premium ceramic coatings from CrystalShield and great paint protection films in India by Aegis and that’s why CarzSpa Detailing Studios is successful in the state.

Challenges faced by CarzSpa in Maharashtra

Among the many significant challenges that CarzSpa Detailing Studios in Maharashtra faces, one of the biggest challenges that the brand is currently grappling with is high rentals in Mumbai. This is one of the most lucrative markets for car detailing services in the state, but commercial space is hard to find and comes with a hefty price tag.

PPF installation process at CarzSpa Detailing Studios in Virar
Aegis by CarzSpa, the best Paint Protection Film in India

Secondly, smaller cities have been catered to by several local service centre franchises that may not have the professional training and scientific know-how regarding paint protection. But over the past 2 years, CarzSpa has been able to overcome this challenge with its expert solutions and premium product offerings.

Another challenge that CarzSpa is facing in Maharashtra is logistical difficulties in travelling to different places for training and other visits. This can be especially problematic in a state like Maharashtra, where the geography is diverse and travel times can be long.

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To overcome these challenges, CarzSpa is planning to appoint a dedicated Regional Manager for the state and the region. This person will have a deep understanding of the region and the challenges faced by car franchises in India, specifically in Maharashtra. The Regional Manager will assist CarzSpa franchises to help them grow their business and expand their reach in the state.

CarzSpa's vision for Maharashtra and the industry's growth

CarzSpa Detailing Studios believes that Maharashtra will be the biggest market for the brand in terms of the number of studios and overall business in the coming years. Three new studios will open in 2023 in Sangli, Kolhapur, and Thane. CarzSpa is investing heavily in marketing and branding to become the leading brand in detailing and paint protection services in each city in Maharashtra.

The car detailing market in Maharashtra is booming, and CarzSpa is experiencing significant growth. With good competition in Mumbai, the brand aims to rank on top and is also exploring new markets like Nashik, Beed, Akola, Satara, Navi Mumbai, and other regions in Mumbai.

The smaller cities mentioned above are currently catered to by various small-time service centre franchises that offer car detailing as ‘one of the services’ rather than a core service. CarzSpa, the market leader in Maharashtra, continues to strive for excellence by reaching out to these new markets and offering lucrative franchise opportunities to passionate entrepreneurs. All this while constantly innovating to improve and grow the business for all franchises in the state.

A customer testimonial video for CarzSpa Detailing Studio’s Latur car franchise

CarzSpa Detailing Studios has been successful in Maharashtra because of people’s love and passion for cars and enterprising car franchises in India who know the value of the car detailing market and the increasing demand for a healthy mix of detailing, PPF and Ceramic Coating services among the customers. The brand’s success in the state is also because the people of Maharashtra are professional and value professionalism, expertise and quality in the service and job done. CarzSpa Detailing Studios has shown that it is possible to succeed in a highly competitive market with dedication, expertise and quality products and services.


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