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Everything you need to know about car detailing services

If you are here, it means that you are wondering what car detailing is and how it can benefit your car. Let’s just put it this way, it’s much beyond your usual car wash, but a notch below complete car restoration. It involves washing, deep cleaning, restoration of some parts and protection.

In this blog, we will explain what car detailing is, what it involves and why you should choose CarzSpa for the best car detailing services in India.

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What is car detailing?

Car detailing is more than just a simple wash and vacuum. Car detailing is a process of deep cleaning, restoring and protecting every inch of your car’s exterior and interior. It can improve your car’s appearance, performance and value. Car detailing services usually involve three or four crucial segments:

  • Cleaning: This is the first step of car detailing, where dirt, dust, grease and stains are removed from your car using various products and tools. Cleaning can include washing, vacuuming, wiping and degreasing.

  • Restoration: This is the second step of car detailing, where minor damages and defects are repaired or corrected. Restoration can include polishing, waxing, buffing and paint correction.

  • Protection: This is the third step of car detailing, where your car is coated with a protective layer that prevents further damage and wear and tear. Protection can include ceramic coating, sealant or film.

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God lies in the details

The benefits of car detailing

By investing in professional car detailing services, you can enjoy many benefits for your car, such as:

  • Improved appearance: Car detailing can make your car look as good as new by removing dirt, stains, scratches, swirls and other imperfections. It can also enhance the shine and gloss of your paint, wheels, tires and glass.

  • Increased value: Car detailing can increase the resale value of your car. It can also help you pass inspections and attract more buyers.

  • Extended lifespan: Car detailing can extend the lifespan of your car by preventing rust, corrosion, fading, cracking and other damage. It can also improve the performance and efficiency of your engine, brakes and tyres.

  • Healthier environment: Car detailing can improve the air quality and hygiene inside your car by eliminating dust, allergens, bacteria and odours. It can also protect you and your passengers from harmful UV rays and heat.

  • Personal satisfaction: Car detailing can give you a sense of pride and joy in owning and driving a clean and well-maintained car. It can also enhance your mood and confidence on the road.

The steps involved in car detailing

Detailing a car is not a 3-4 step process that takes about an hour or so… It is a very scientifically thought-out car restoration and improvement plan. Come, let us take you on a ride through the steps…

Premium Wash

The premium wash cleans every part of your car’s exterior, including the underbody, wheel arches and engine. We use a degreaser wash, a steam wash and a foam wash to remove dirt, grease and pollutants from your car’s surface. We also steam clean the parts that are often neglected, such as rubber beadings, dashboards, AC vents, trims, tires and foot mats.

Intensive Interior Cleaning

We use a dry vacuum, a steam cleaner and dry foam chemicals to remove dust, dirt, germs and odours. We also use a spray extraction technique to clean your car upholstery and apply a rubber/vinyl conditioner to protect it. CarzSpa car detailing studios will make your car interior hygienic and comfortable for you and your passengers.

Paint Surface Refinement

The paint surface refinement makes your car paint smooth, flawless and even-toned. We use a detailed and deep 5-step process to remove swirls, scratches, fading and other defects from your car paint. We as a car detailing company ensure your car paint looks like new with these steps:

  • Degreaser Wash: We wash your car with degreasing and foaming agents to remove grease, pollutants and dirt from your car paint.

  • Clay Bar Treatment: We use clay bars to remove sticky and hard-to-remove contaminants and dirt from your car paint. This makes the surface free of bumps and debris.

  • Sanding: We sand the clear coat to remove scratches and other paint defects. We check the thickness of the paint and clear coat before sanding to avoid damage.

  • Compounding: We use compound, pad and machine to remove minor paint defects and sanding marks. This makes the surface smooth and shiny.

  • Ceramic Polish: We polish your car with ceramic polish that has SiO2 polymers. This makes the surface water-repellent, UV ray-protected and chemical-resistant. This also gives the surface a deep, mirror-like gloss.

Ozone air purification treatment

After COVID-19, you need a clean and safe car cabin. Ozone is a powerful disinfection agent. It naturally destroys harmful microorganisms through oxidation. CarzSpa uses ozone generator machines to remove bad smells, bacteria and viruses from your car. It kills the maximum possible germs and odours from cigarettes, drinks, food spillage, etc.

Leather conditioner treatment

Your car’s leather seats get damaged by UV rays, dirt and debris. They can crack, fade and peel. Our car detailing experts fix this for you. We vacuum and clean the leather surfaces first. We use special leather cleaners for tough stains and marks. We apply aloe-based leather conditioners with UV protectors to make your seats soft and smooth.

Head and tail lights restoration

Your headlights and tail lamps are made of plastic that gets old and dull over time. UV rays and weather wear out the outer layer. This makes it hard to see at night. At CarzSpa, our team checks the cloudiness of the lights and lens. We sand and polish them to make them clear again. We apply a UV coat to prevent damage.

Alloy wheels polishing

Your car’s alloy wheels can look bad and work poorly because of brake dust and iron deposits. Wheels touch the road all the time, so they get dirty and hot easily. We use specific products for different types of alloy wheels to clean, brush, polish and finish them with special alloy ceramic coatings. This makes them shiny, glossy and protected.

Anti-glare windshield polishing

Your windshield gets dirty and blurry from dust, carbon, smog and hard water. This makes it hard to see clearly. CarzSpa’s windshield cleaning and polishing service removes hard water spots and other dirt, giving better night vision and rain visibility. Our Nano Coating for Windshield is a water-repellent coating that protects your glass from dirt and water. This service is very important in the rainy season.

A detailer polishing the bonnet of a white car for detailing
Every aspect of the car gets polished to perfection

Water spot removal on all glasses

Cars washed with hard water leave ugly water spots on the glass and paint. These spots ruin your car’s look. A normal car wash can’t remove these spots easily. At CarzSpa, we use special acid chemicals to remove dirt marks, water spots, dead insects, tree sap, etc, from your glass and paint surfaces.

Trims dressings

Black plastic trims turn grey over time because of UV rays, dust and other dirt. Your plastic and rubber trims look old and faded. Our trim restoration service protects them from future damage and makes them black again. We restore all your plastic trims, rubber trims, bumpers, window seals and cladding.

Different types of car detailing services

Car detailing businesses offer a variety of services to suit every car owner’s budget and needs. From basic washes to full detailing packages, there is something for everyone.

Service Basic Plus Premium VIP
Premium Wash
Intensive Interior Cleaning
Trims and Tyre Dressings
Engine and interior dressing
Ozone air purification treatment
Claying One & Step Wax Polishing
Paint Surface Refinement (Claying, Sanding, Compounding, Finishing and Paint Sealant)
Leather Conditioner treatment
Anti-Glare Windshield Polishing
Water Spot removal on All Glasses
Headlights/Tail Lights Restoration
Alloy wheels Polishing

To conclude…

Car detailing services can make your car look, feel and work better. They can also protect your car from damage and save you time and money. CarzSpa is the best car detailing service provider in India. We have the skills, tools, and experience to make your car sparkle. Visit your nearest CarzSpa Car Detailing Studio today or contact us at or +91 9904089900. We will take care of your car like no one else.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does car detailing include?
Car detailing includes cleaning, restoring and protecting your car’s exterior and interior. It involves washing, vacuuming, polishing, waxing and coating your car’s surface, underbody, engine, wheels, tires, glass, upholstery and trims. Car detailing services can vary depending on the type and condition of your car.

2. What makes a good car detailer?
A good car detailer is someone who has the right training, tools, techniques and environment to perform a high-quality car detailing job. A good car detailing business should also have experience, knowledge and passion for cars. A good car detailer should be able to meet your needs and expectations and make your car look like new.

3. What is the purpose of car detailing?
The purpose of car detailing is to enhance the appearance, performance and value of your car. Car detailing can remove dirt, stains, scratches, swirls and other defects from your car’s surface. It can also protect your car from UV rays, dirt, water and chemicals. Car detailing can also improve the air quality and hygiene inside your car by eliminating dust, germs and odours.


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