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In terms of cars, modern ceramic coating products have got us closer to the dream of an idealistic world, where every car on the road has a pristine shine, as though it just rolled off the assembly line.

If you’ve done your homework, you might have come across a number of coating brands, some expensive, some dirt cheap. You may have even stumbled across some cheap DIY kits on online platforms. If you’re thinking that cheap ceramic coatings are a worthwhile investment; we have got news for you – they’re not!

Cheap Ceramic Coatings: Unrealistic Claims and No Results

Most, if not all, cheap ceramic brands that are sold on online platforms and uncertified retailers, will make several false claims. Not only will these pretentious claims sound too good to be true, but they’ll try to lure you in with super cheap prices. 

A low-priced ceramic coating with excellent benefits? Steer clear, for it’s not true! Here are some false claims to be aware of: a hardness greater than 10H, permanent coatings that last forever, rock chip resistance, scratch-proof, self-healing properties, and heat resistance of more than 250 degrees Celsius.

If you come across any of these, beware, these are red flags! It’s more than likely that these cheap ceramic coatings will not even accomplish the bare minimum of what’s expected from them!

Reasons to Avoid Cheap Ceramic Coatings

Not only are cheap ceramic coatings a waste of money, but will leave a lot at stake when it comes to protecting the aesthetics of your car. Here’s why you should avoid these coatings at all costs.

1. They Don’t Form a Mechanical Bond!

As you might be aware, ceramic coatings are formulated from Silicon Dioxide or SiO2, the same raw material used to make glass! Since SiO2 is in a liquid state and made of nanoparticles, when applied over the car’s paint the coating will crystallize and form a semi-permanent bond with the paint. Thus, we say it is a mechanical bond (not chemical) and this bond will stay strong for years. 

The first reason why certain ceramic coatings are so inexpensive is that most of them are not made of SiO2 at all! At the most, they’re made of crushed glass, which means that cheap ceramic coatings only form a superficial bond that’ll only last a few weeks as opposed to the 3-7 year durability offered by high-quality ceramic coatings. 

While cheap ceramic coatings may miraculously show results, they’re temporary and as good as money down the drain. Remember, once you wash your vehicle, the cheap ceramic coatings wear off and your car’s original coat of paint is in BIG trouble!

Coatings that are made with a higher percentage of high-grade SiO2 like the CrystalShield ceramic coatings will have better properties including a glossier shine and better durability. 10H coatings can even last six years if applied and maintained well, and naturally, these are more expensive.

2. The Application is Improper

The second reason why you might be getting a ceramic coating at unbelievably low prices is that the application is either by an uncertified installer or a DIY product. Application is a crucial step for ceramic coatings, and improper application by inexperienced installers who haven’t been thoroughly vetted out by you will further hack into the durability of cheap ceramic coatings

A lot depends upon creating the Right Environment for ceramic coating application. Dust-free rooms, 21-24 degree celsius temperature, maintaining humidity, having proper lighting, and using the proper technique is CRUCIAL for the coating to bond with the car’s paint perfectly.  

So remember this: An improperly applied ceramic coating, even if it is of the highest quality, is as good as no ceramic coating at all! So choose certified, reputed detailing studios like CarzSpa, where skilled professionals will do a remarkable job!

3. No Real Protection

A good quality & well applied ceramic coating will provide durable protection to the car’s paint against UV rays, bird droppings, chemicals, industry fallouts, water, and dirt. Add to that the surreal gloss and shine it adds to the vehicle and getting a ceramic coating on your vehicle seems like a good idea. 

But just like all tires, engine oil, or even car shampoos are of varying qualities, not all ceramic coatings are created equal! Chances are that a cheap product made of cheap raw materials will simply slide off the car’s surface, meaning after a few weeks your vehicle will not only lose its shine and gloss, but it will also expose the paint to UV rays, chemicals, bird droppings, and other environmental debris. 

Choose a good product and a good applicator; after all your purpose of getting a ceramic coating is to maintain and protect your expensive car for many years to come!

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the best option to protect your car’s gorgeous coat of paint is to invest in a high-quality coating installed by a certified detailing studio instead of cheap ceramic coatings installed by yourself, or an inexperienced installer. The results are unparalleled! Contact your nearest CarzSpa studio today, to select the best ceramic coating from the CrystalShield range, within your budget!


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