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Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dealership PPF and Ceramic Coating Services

Just bought your dream car and can’t wait to hit the open road? Hold onto your steering wheel, because we’re about to save you a BUNCH of money! This isn’t your typical “congratulations” blog. We’re here to shield you from the onslaught of add-on packages dealerships love to push – especially those “essential” paint protection film (PPF) and ceramic coating deals.

Dealerships will paint a rosy picture, making PPF and ceramic coatings sound like the magic potion that keeps your car showroom new forever. Or, they’ll scare you into thinking your new car won’t survive a single Indian monsoon without their “protection.” Don’t fall for it! Getting these treatments at the dealership can be a recipe for disaster. Here’s why…

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Inflated Prices, Deflated Quality

Car dealerships have razor-thin margins on vehicle sales themselves. So, you might be wondering, where do they make up the difference? They increase the prices on overpriced add-ons like ceramic and PPF coatings! It’s a classic tactic, taking benefit of your excitement about your new car and the trust in the brand. They know you want to protect your investment and they’ll happily sell you overpriced, low-quality protection at a premium.

But… you’re not just paying extra for the product itself. You’re also paying for the dealership’s inflated overhead costs. Think fancy showrooms and salespeople on commission. None of that contributes to the actual quality of the PPF or ceramic coating being applied to your car.

Dealerships - Experts at Selling Cars, NOT Protecting Them

Let’s talk about who actually applies these “protective” coatings. Fact: Most dealerships in India don’t have their own trained installers for PPF and ceramic coatings. Instead, they outsource the job to the lowest bidder! Imagine this: some random guy with a questionable roll of film and a pressure washer is about to get loose on your brand new car. That’s “jugaad” gone wrong!

Meme Paint Protection

Here’s a little secret of dealership outsourcing: These installers are working on razor-thin margins, often around 30%. Guess what they’re skimping on? Yes, the quality of the products! They’re likely using cheap film that won’t survive the harsh Indian sun and dust storms. Plus, the application process is probably rushed, leading to air bubbles, uneven coating and a higher chance of peeling later. Basically, you’re paying a premium for a job that could damage your car’s paint job instead of protecting it.

Limited Choices and Deceptive Dealership Tactics

New car dealerships might try to strongarm you into unnecessary paint protection packages. Here’s why you should be cautious:

Meme Paint Protection

Limited Choices, Limited Protection

Dealerships typically offer a very limited selection of PPF films and ceramic coatings. These might not be the best fit for your car’s needs or your desired level of protection. It’s like being forced to wear the same ill-fitting clothes as everyone else!

Dealerships Focus on Sales, Not Your Needs

Dealers are more interested in hitting sales targets than understanding your specific needs. They won’t ask you about the areas you want protected, the type of finish you prefer (matte or glossy) or the warranty you desire. It’s a one-size-fits-all approach that might leave your car vulnerable.

Forced Protection or Forced Delay

Some dealerships might pressure you into getting PPF applied immediately, hinting that it could delay your car’s delivery. This is a scare tactic! Don’t be bullied into rushed decisions.

Basically, dealerships prioritise profit over protection. They offer limited choices and use questionable tactics to push their products.

Why Consider Dedicated Detailing Studios?

It’s made to believe that it is convenient to get PPF and ceramic coating done at the dealership when you buy the car. However, using car detailing and paint protection experts can have some big advantages:


Dealership staff know about the cars they sell, but car detailing experts specialise in car care services like PPF and ceramic coating applications. They have years of experience with different products and their technicians are highly trained in applying them properly. This expertise means a flawless finish, with no air bubbles under the PPF, messy edges or uneven coating.


Dealerships usually have tie-ups with one or two brands offering a basic selection of PPF and ceramic coatings. While car detailing studios have a wider range of paint protection products for every type of vehicle. Car owners can choose the one that meets their specific needs and budget, whether it’s maximum scratch resistance, a certain glossy finish or a longer warranty. Detailers like CarzSpa Detailing Studios also customise their car detailing services with paint protection packages so that car owners can do full PPF coverage or just protect high-risk areas.

Quality Control

At busy dealerships, installations can sometimes be rushed, leading to imperfections. Car detailing studios take the required time to get it right. Detailing studios have specialised workspaces like detailing bays with controlled temperature and humidity, which is important for proper PPF and coating application.


Dealership bundles for PPF and ceramic coating often come at a premium. This can be due to dealership markups and the convenience factor. Car detailing studios can be more competitive on price, especially if customers are looking for a specific brand of PPF or ceramic coating or if they only require partial coverage.


While dealerships might offer warranties on their bundled PPF and ceramic coating services, these warranties may have limitations. Independent specialists often provide warranties directly from the PPF or ceramic coating manufacturer. These manufacturer warranties can be more comprehensive and offer better coverage in case of any issues with the product or its application.

What kind of paint protection to opt for?

When it comes to ceramic coatings, hardness is a key factor. Traditional coatings offer 9H hardness, but for superior protection, consider options like Graphene Ceramic Coating. Graphene, a revolutionary material, offers unmatched 10H hardness, boosting scratch and swirl resistance. CarzSpa Detailing Studios offer Trinity or Pentagon Ceramic Coatings, which boast similar 10H hardness and advanced hydrophobic properties, making water bead off effortlessly.

Paint Protection Films come in various options to suit your needs. Clear TPU Films come between 3 to 10 years of warranty. If a matte finish is your preference, Matt PPF provides excellent protection without compromising the car’s original look. Need ultimate protection? Eternal 300 is the thickest PPF available, offering unmatched defence against scratches and chips. Finally, for those who love to stand out, PRISM PPF comes in a variety of colours, adding a touch of personalisation while safeguarding your paintwork.


Warranty Matters: This is where choosing a dedicated detailing studio like CarzSpa makes a big difference. When you get PPF installed at a dealership, you might not even receive a warranty, or it could be a limited one offered by the dealership itself. On the other hand, at CarzSpa, you benefit from the direct manufacturer’s warranty on the paint protection film installed on the car. This ensures you’re covered for a longer period and have greater peace of mind knowing the warranty comes from a reputable source.

The Bottom Line: Save Money, Get Great Protection

Keeping your car looking brand new is awesome and PPF and ceramic coating can really help with that. They shield your car’s paint and keep it shiny for years to come. But before you buy those expensive “add-on packages” at the dealership, listen up!

Going to a specialist instead of the dealership can be a much better deal. Don’t let dealerships play you! Choose a good specialist and relax, knowing your car is getting the best protection possible, without the dealership price tag. Now that’s a win-win situation!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why car manufacturers do not do ceramic coating?
Ceramic coating isn’t done by manufacturers due to its complex and time-intensive application process, which isn’t suitable for mass production.

2. Can PPF damage paint?
Paint Protection Film (PPF) is safe for car paint and is often preferred over other coatings for its protective qualities.

3. Does PPF affect warranty?
Applying PPF does not void your vehicle’s paint warranty.

4. Is it better to get ceramic coating or PPF?
Depends on your needs! PPF shields from scratches ceramic coating repels dirt and enhances shine. Consider both for ultimate protection.

5. How long will PPF last?
High-quality PPF like Aegis Ultra 250 and Eternal 300 can last 10+ years with care or most PPF films last 5-7 years. Regular washing and wax help extend lifespan.


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