A concept image of the dark edition of Tata Harrier with G10 Graphene Ceramic Coating on the side

Graphene ceramic coating is the best in maintaining a dark car

Dark cars have gained immense popularity in the past decade, making them the new RED in the automotive world. However, maintaining and protecting a dark coloured vehicle can be a tough task, as even minor scratches can be easily seen. If you are looking for ways to maintain your car’s perfect colour and ensure its body paint is being protected, you have come to the right place.

We will show you how premium dark-colored cars like the Tata Harrier Dark Edition can be maintained to look and feel brand new every day with a graphene ceramic coating, considered as the best ceramic coating for cars. We will look at the challenges in maintaining a dark car, the benefits of graphene ceramic coating, and some tips to maintain such cars after a ceramic coating job.

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Graphene ceramic coating: An innovation in paint protection

Graphene ceramic coating, a breakthrough in car detailing services, has exceptional properties, such as strength, toughness, flexibility, lightness and high resistance. Due to these properties, the coating creates a robust and effective protective layer against environmental elements and daily wear. Graphene ceramic coatings impart a rich, deep shine to the surface. This revolutionary product empowers car detailing businesses to offer their customers special edition vehicles like the Harrier Dark Edition a premium solution that enhances the car’s overall aesthetic appeal and provides the best possible protection.

Graphene ceramic coatings perform especially well with dark cars and seem tailor-made for them. Its super smooth properties make it extremely hydrophobic and anti-static, meaning your vehicle will easily repel water and dry dirt. So protecting cars like your Tata Harrier Dark Edition or even high-end luxury cars like the BMW Dark Shadow Limited Edition with CrystalShield G10 Impact is a wise choice.

Benefits of graphene ceramic coatings

High Gloss:

Graphene ceramic coating provides a deep, rich gloss that will make your dark car look stunning. The coating is also very durable, so it will resist fading and scratching, even in the harshest conditions. This makes it the perfect choice for maintaining a dark car, as it will help to protect the paint and keep it looking its best for years to come.

Permanent Bond:

Graphene ceramic coating forms a permanent bond with the paint, which means that it will not peel or flake off over time. This is a major advantage over other types of coatings, which can often start to peel after a few years. The permanent bond of Graphene ceramic coating also makes it very easy to clean, as dirt and debris will simply bead up and roll off the surface.

10H Pencil Hardness:

Graphene ceramic coating has a hardness of 10H on the pencil hardness scale, which is the highest possible rating. This means that it is extremely resistant to scratches, even from sharp objects. This is great news for dark cars, as it will help to protect the paint from hairline scratches that can be easily seen in darker colours.

A glossy-finished black coloured car
A dark and glossy car post a graphene ceramic coating job at CarzSpa

Highly Hydrophobic:

Graphene ceramic coating is highly hydrophobic, which means that it repels water and other liquids. This makes it very easy to keep your car clean, as water will simply bead up and roll off the surface. The hydrophobic properties of graphene ceramic coating also help to protect the paint from the elements, as water can carry dirt and debris that can scratch the paint.


Graphene ceramic coating is also anti-static, which means that it will not attract dust. This is great news for dark cars, as dust can be very noticeable in darker colours. The anti-static properties of Graphene Ceramic Coating will help to keep your car looking clean and free of dust, even in dusty conditions.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Graphene Ceramic Coating. If you are looking for a way to protect your dark car and keep it looking its best for years to come, then Graphene Ceramic Coating is the perfect solution.

Solving Dark Edition Car Challenges With Graphic Ceramic Coating

Dark edition cars are the epitome of luxury and style. However, they can be difficult to maintain, as even minor scratches or dust can be easily seen on their dark surfaces. This is where graphene ceramic coatings come in.

Graphene ceramic coatings are a type of paint protection that can provide your dark edition car with a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased gloss and shine: Graphene ceramic coatings can give your dark edition car a deep, lustrous shine that will make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Enhanced durability: Graphene ceramic coatings can make your dark edition car more resistant to scratches, chips and fading.

  • Easy maintenance: Graphene ceramic coatings are easy to clean and maintain, so you can keep your dark edition car looking its best with minimal effort.

  • Anti-static: Graphene ceramic coatings repel dust and dirt, making it easier to keep your car clean.

  • Water-repellent: Graphene ceramic coatings make water bead up and roll off your car, which can help to prevent water spots and corrosion.

  • UV protection: Graphene ceramic coatings can help to protect your car’s paint from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

In addition to these benefits, graphene ceramic coatings are also a great choice for dark edition cars because they can help to improve the appearance of the car’s paint. The graphene in the coating interacts with the light in such a way that it creates a deeper, richer shine that is especially noticeable on dark cars.

Maintaining a Dark Car After Graphene Ceramic Coating

Maintaining a dark car after applying Graphene Ceramic Coating is important to ensure its continued protection and attractiveness. Here are Carzspa’s valuable tips to maintain your car’s pristine condition:

Regular washing:

Use a soft microfiber wash cloth and a pH-neutral car shampoo to routinely wash your dark-coloured car. The sheen of the coating will be restored by removing debris, dust and pollutants. Don’t forget to rinse completely to remove all residue.

Proper drying:

After washing, gently dry your dark vehicle using a fresh, soft microfiber towel. Avoid rubbing or using too much pressure because these actions can cause swirl marks or tiny scratches. To protect the graphene ceramic coating, blot or pat dry.

Application of spray sealant:

Use a quick spray sealant compatible with graphene ceramic coating to keep your black car looking shiny in between washes. This improves the shine and protects the coating by removing light dust and fingerprints.

Using quality products:

Maintaining a dark car requires the use of high-quality car care products specifically designed for dark vehicles and compatible with graphic ceramic coating. These products guarantee the best outcomes and increase the coating’s lifespan.

Avoid parking under trees:

If at all possible, avoid parking your dark vehicle under trees or in spots prone to bird droppings and tree sap. These things can tarnish your car’s gloss and harm its finish.

Regular inspection:

In maintaining a dark car, do regular inspections to identify any issues or damage to the coating. To keep the effectiveness of graphene ceramic coating it is necessary to address the concerns promptly.

Graphene Ceramic Coating for Harrier Dark Edition

Automobile companies have not shied away from this trend and have been quick to jump on the bandwagon. In 2019, Tata Motors introduced the sleek and stealthy Harrier Dark Edition which featured a black paint scheme with some additional tweaks in silver. This served as an image overhaul to the company’s flagship model at that time.

a man polishing a part of black coloured car
One of the dark edition cars being polished before being ceramic coated

However, maintaining the pristine appearance of your luxurious Harrier Dark Edition can be daunting, especially when the dirt and white are scratches on it which are easily noticeable against the black backdrop. Fortunately, there’s a solution- professional car detailing services like Carzspa Studio that specialise in graphic ceramic coating. By entrusting your luxurious Harrier Dark edition to these experts, you can sit back and relax and they will give it a glossy, shiny finish using graphene ceramic coating, especially for dark cars. With the application of this coating, you bid farewell to all your worries about maintaining a dark car. So If you’re planning to get your hands on the premium Harrier Dark Editions that have rolled out, go graphene and set your car a class apart.

Maintaining a Harrier Dark Edition car after ceramic coating

After applying Graphene Ceramic Coating, it is essential to maintain your Harrier Dark Edition car to ensure its long-lasting protection and attractive beauty. Here are some crucial pointers for maintaining the finest appearance for your Harrier Dark Edition:

Avoid using harsh chemicals

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could remove the protective coating while cleaning your Harrier Dark Edition . Use only products that are safe for cars and are gentle enough to use on coated surfaces.

Avoid scratches on the car

Be aware of potential scratch-causing factors including rough surfaces and abrasive substances. Parking your Harrier Dark Edition should not be done near plants or trees that could brush up against it.

Professional Maintenance

Think about arranging regular appointments with a professional car detailing business that specialises in graphene ceramic coating. These professionals can evaluate the coating’s condition, make any necessary corrections and provide extra protection to keep your Harrier Dark Edition looking its finest.


In conclusion, Carzpa’s graphene ceramic coating for the dark edition is the ultimate solution for black car enthusiasts. With the amazing properties of graphic ceramic coating By following the suggested maintenance tips, you can ensure the coating’s sustained appeal and efficacy, keeping your dark edition car in pristine condition for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the graphene ceramic coating last?
The maintenance, usage and climatic conditions all affect how long the graphene ceramic coating lasts. However, with the right maintenance, it can offer durable protection for 7 years and more.

2. Can I apply graphene ceramic coating by myself?
While applying graphene ceramic coating by yourself is possible, it is advised that you seek expert help for best results. Professionals have the knowledge and tools necessary to guarantee accurate and thorough application.

3. Can graphene coating be applied to other colours as well?
Yes, you can apply graphene ceramic coating on any colour. However, it is beneficial to use CarzSpa’s dark edition graphene coating for dark cars because it improves the depth and brilliance of the paint.

4. Which is the best paint protection film in India?
Due to its properties like high durability, extreme hydrophobicity and high healing properties, Aegis by CarzSpa is the best paint protection film in India.

5. how much goes graphene ceramic coating cost?
Graphene ceramic coating is a more premium form of ceramic coating for your car. It costs in the range of Rs.35,000 to 50,000. Slightly more than regular ceramic coatings but lesser than the paint protection film cost.


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