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The hottest trend in car protection has been ceramic coating– initially started by detailing shops, as a professional service. What is ceramic coating for cars? In its truest form, ceramic coatings are durable exterior protective paints. This nanoscopic coating is applied in its liquid state, and once it cures, it forms a thin film of hard, protective covering over your car’s paint. Ceramic coatings offer heaps of benefits to car lovers.

But, of late, another exceptional coating, called graphene ceramic coating, brought to India by Carzspa, under the brand, CrystalShield G10 has caught everyone’s attention. CarzSpa is the first organized detailing chain in India that offers Graphene Ceramic Coating.

Graphene,a Nobel winning material, when added to the ceramic coating, helps incorporate some amazing physical characteristics into vehicles undergoing the latest treatment. Therefore, despite being new in the market, it has been stealing the limelight.  For a more superficial analogy, it is like a hard candy shell, that protects the delicious and valuable chocolate centre. In this case, it’s your car’s original paint!

Let’s find out why graphene ceramic coating has the edge over the traditional ceramic coating.

Graphene Ceramic Coating: The Perfect Cure for Water Spots

Though traditional ceramic coating ranks high in providing automotive protection, it can be susceptible to water spots. Because ceramic coatings have high heat retention capacity, water on the surface evaporates over a period of time, leaving an area of mineral deposit.

But in case of graphene ceramic coating, the heat retention on the surface is reduced. So, water, instead of evaporating from the surface, will form attractive water beads. Besides, the chemical properties and honeycomb structure of Graphene, impart a very high water contact angle to the coating. Owing to that, water on any surface coated with Graphene slides down smoothly, reducing the possibility of water droplets remaining for long and eventually evaporating to leave water spots.

Graphene Ceramic Coating: The Perfect Cure for Water Spots

Ceramic coating for cars is a sturdy guard, and its longevity has been one of the prime reasons for its popularity in the industry.  But it’s exciting to note that with the addition of Graphene, the durability can further be bolstered.

Due to its two-dimensional structure and honeycomb lattice, graphene is thin, lightweight, yet incredibly strong. This imparts unsurpassable durability to the surface coated with graphene. Once applied, you can relish the glossy finish of 10H hardness for a stretch of 5-7years. Come rain or shine, and your crystal shield coating is not going to wear down.

Shield Your Car From Dust With Graphene Ceramic Coating

 Graphene enjoys privileges based on its chemical properties. To get a bit technical, Graphene is said to be ‘anti-static’, taking into consideration its conductivity properties. This implies that it repels dust and other minute or microscopic particles and does not allow them to settle down on the surface coated with it. And taking into account its durability, this means that you can relish the velvety, spick and span appearance of your car for an impressive period of time.

The Verdict

So, at the end of the day, the question arises, which coating is better? When you compare the benefits offered by both products, it is irrefutably clear that graphene ceramic coatings have the advantage over traditional ceramic coatings.

Though graphene ceramic coating is slightly more expensive than conventional coatings, graphene ceramic coatings have advanced properties, and additional benefits, which give you value for money in the long run.

They have greater durability, and also offer generous protection against scratches, due to advanced flexibility. With an elegant coat of ultra-smooth graphene ceramic coating, your luxurious car is sure to catch the eyes of passers-by.

So treat your car today, and book a detailing session with us at Carzpa, for your car deserves only the best of the best!



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