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Detailing Tales – CarzSpa’s outing at Auto Expo 2023 The Motor Show

After 2 long years, CarzSpa Detailing Studios got the opportunity to once again participate in India’s biggest automobile extravaganza as the leader of detailing and car paint protection films, and as the detailing partner of two of the country’s leading automobile manufacturers.

Auto Expo – The Motor Show
CarzSpa at the Tata Motors pavilion of Auto Expo

Auto Expo – The Motor Show’ is where car enthusiasts unite, where automobile manufacturers showcase their latest innovations and designs, and industry leaders discuss and answer questions about the future of mobility. Every year since 1986, the Indian automotive industry at the Auto Expo has shown how it embraces new technologies through indigenous research and development to adapt these technologies to Indian conditions.

So how can the experts of car detailing ever stay behind?

Read on about our experiences at the Auto Expo 2023 held at India Expo Mart in Greater Noida.

CarzSpa at the Auto Expo 2023

As the leader of automobile detailing and car paint protection films in India, CarzSpa Detailing Studios believes in always knowing the pulse of the industry and being in sync with the trends among car lovers. And what better place to be for it, than the holy congregation of automobile enthusiasts of the country at one of the world’s most reputed auto shows?

The last time we were at the Auto Expo – The Motor Show, ie. February 2020 was a different world just before the devastating pandemic hit us and locked us all in. While the world of modern mobility was brimming with innovation 2 years ago too, detailing and car paint protection film companies like us weren’t as much in the picture as we are today.

Wondering why we say so? Our stories from this year’s outing will let you know.

Teaming up with TATA motors and SML Isuzu

This was CarzSpa Detailing Studios’ third rodeo at the Auto Expo – The Motor Show, and just like the previous instances, we had one of our best franchise studios, CarzSpa Greater Noida, leading us there.

For the 2023 edition, we were the official detailing partners of Tata Motors and SML Isuzu, just like we did in 2020 too. In 2018 we participated in the expo as partners of Swaraj Mazda, Hero Electric, Tata Motors and SML Isuzu.

Our team of expert detailers from the Greater Noida studio had the crucial task of keeping the cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) pristine all the time at the respective exhibition pavilions of Tata Motors and SML Isuzu.

At the Tata Motors Pavilion, the Tata Sierra EV Concept and Tata Curvv ICE drew a lot of attention alongside the Harrier EV, Punch and Altroz.

Thousands of people dropped by, getting a feel of the car from the inside, inspecting the minute details with a discerning eye and touch. This meant our detailers were always on their toes keeping the cars spotless in every nook.

It was a delight to see how some of the car lovers stopped in their tracks and looked amazed while witnessing our detailers in action with precision and pace.

paint protection film companies
Team CarzSpa Greater Noida in action with SML Isuzu LCVs prior to the expo

The SML Isuzu pavilion saw some of the bigwigs of the industry visit and take a look at the newest LCVs by the automobile manufacturer. The CarzSpa Greater Noida team would first detail all the vehicles before they’re opened up for public viewing, constantly buffing and cleaning the vehicles to ensure they maintain their insane gloss throughout the expo.

It was a matter of pride to support such esteemed motor brands at the biggest car expo. Indeed, the Auto Expo 2023 stands as a testament to our position in the market as leading automobile detailers and paint protection film companies.

Content creation with PowerDrift

This expo is more than just an exhibition of vehicles and their products. For CarzSpa, it is also a platform to reach out to the lakhs of automobile enthusiasts who are keen to learn something new about the industry and are among the first ones to embrace innovation.

So, we joined hands with PowerDrift, a popular automotive content creator brand, to cover the expo together, reach out to our legions of followers and tap into the growing community.

We conducted a joint coverage of the expo through walkthroughs, vlogs and engaging interviews. We live in a world where people trust something only when it comes from the horse’s mouth. So we decided to go beyond blogs and talk about topics like the importance of car detailing, paint protection film costs, intensive car care, our very own CarzSpa Aegis paint protection film, the growth of the detailing industry and a bit about paint protection film pros and cons.

Interacting with attendees and experts from the automobile industry at the Auto Expo 2023 helped CarzSpa get a better understanding of the changing business perspectives among automobile brands and attendees.

The cherry on the cake of this coverage was the interview session with Mr Anckur Sama, our founder, president of the International Detailing Association (IDA) India Chapter and an ocean of knowledge when it comes to detailing and car paint protection films.

Other Highlights from the Auto Expo

Some takeaways from the Auto Expo – The Motor Show

Future of mobility: Electric Vehicles (EVs) were the toast of the season, with almost every major automobile manufacturer coming up with concept and electric variants of their popular vehicles.

Exciting launches: One of the most awaited SUVs, the Maruti Suzuki Jimny stole the show during the expo, leaving all the offroading enthusiasts starstruck. Even Morrison Garage (MG) outdid themselves with a stunner of a pavilion set-up.

car paint protection films
The launch of NEXA Jimny SUV

Car lovers getting smarter: A quick chat here and there while checking out the cars on display showed how car owners now have grown more intelligent and passionate about cars and have good knowledge about detailing.

A growing community: Seeing how packed every day at the expo was, we were delighted to see how big our community of automobile enthusiasts have become, which is a great market for the industry to tap into.

In Conclusion,

CarzSpa Detailing Studio’s participation in the Auto Expo 2023 was a testament to their skills and expertise in the car detailing industry.

While providing detailing services and industry insights, it helped us reach a larger audience and gain insights into the changing business perspectives among automobile brands and attendees.

CarzSpa’s outing at the Auto Expo 2023 was a success, and we are proud of the partnership with big brands and our ability to showcase our skills and expertise to a larger audience.

If you are an automobile enthusiast and want to earn with CarzSpa, head to our website to know all about our franchise opportunities!


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Deepam Sama

Deepam Sama is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Development at CarzSpa Detailing Studios, a leading car care company in India. He is a second-generation entrepreneur who has a passion for scaling up businesses and creating innovative marketing strategies. Deepam holds an MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune and a BBA from the Institute of Management, Nirma University. He previously worked in the Sales Strategy team at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, where he gained experience in developing and executing growth plans.

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