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Best Franchise Opportunities Under ₹25 lakhs

Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey, but starting a business from the ground up can be scary too. What if the investment fell short even before the business took off? Or worse, what if a lot of money was spent on unnecessary things in setting up the businesses and it gets very difficult to break even?

We’ve compiled a list of the best franchise opportunities in India under ₹25 lakhs, helping entrepreneurs identify the business that’s a perfect fit for the amount they’re willing to invest, suits their interests and gives consistent growth.

It is advised to reach out to the respective brands directly for their franchise business prospectus, as CarzSpa does not offer franchising consultancy for brands other than CarzSpa mentioned below.

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CarzSpa Detailing Studios - Starts at ₹20 Lakh

CarzSpa is known as the pioneer in the car detailing business and paint protection in India. Entrepreneurs interested in the automobile industry can open their own car detailing franchise business in India with CarzSpa Detailing Studios. CarzSpa leads the car care market with a strong brand reputation and a range of premium paint protection products. CarzSpa offers the highest net profit margin in the sector, catering to the growing demand from passionate car owners seeking specialised care and protection for their vehicles.

Car detailing as a market is still considered to be an untapped segment in the car care sector of the industry. As the Indian automobile market grows, CarzSpa has positioned itself as a trustworthy brand and an expert in car care for car owners. And it is helping its franchisees to capitalise on the brand’s standing as market leader in this high-growth sector.

  • Investment Required: ₹20 lakhs (may differ as per cities & studio size)
  • Space Required: 1500 sqft or more
  • Profits & Margins: 20-25% average net profit margin
  • Support: Site selection, studio design, staff training, marketing support, performance recognition

Siyaram’s: Starts at ₹25 Lakh

The interiors of a Siyaram’s outlet in India

Siyarams offers a franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a foothold in the ever-growing men’s clothing industry. Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and dynamic designs, Siyarams caters to modern men’s evolving style needs. This franchise opportunity is a good choice to sell multiple brands under one roof, to cater to a wider audience with popular brands like Siyaram’s Suitings & Shirtings, J. Hampstead, Oxemberg and more. Further backed by over 4 decades of experience, Siyarams is a trusted name in men’s fashion, offering a strong brand reputation to leverage.

  • Space: A minimum of 700 sqft.
  • Investment: About ₹25 lakhs to set up
  • Manpower: A team of 1 manager and 3 salespeople
  • ROI: 11% annually

Ajay's Cafe: Starts at ₹15 Lakh

Ajay’s Cafe is an interesting franchise opportunity in India for those who wish to enter the Quick Service Restaurant industry. With competitive investment requirements, no royalty charges, a quick return on investment and branches across Gujarat, Ajay’s Cafe provides a high-reward opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. The brand assists with the complete outlet setup, offers comprehensive training and ensures a strong launch through marketing and branding support.

  • Investment Required: ₹15 lakh
  • Franchise Fees & Royalties: No franchise fees or royalties
  • Space Required: Minimum 400 sq. ft.
  • Support: Complete outlet setup, training and ongoing support (marketing, operations)

Giani's: Starting from ₹13 Lakhs

Giani’s is a renowned Indian ice cream brand since 1956, offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs who are looking to get a break into the Indian ice cream and frozen desserts market. Their claim their success lies in using premium ingredients and a wide variety of flavours and serving their iconic treat like the signature Faluda since their inception.

  • Investment Required: ₹13-16 lakhs
  • Space Required: 80-400 sqft (kiosk or store formats available)
  • Profit Potential: Payback period of 12-15 months
  • Support Provided: Site selection, store design & construction, marketing support, and ongoing training

Dr. Lal Pathlabs: Starting from ₹2 Lakhs

Dr. Lal PathLabs, a leading name in Indian diagnostics has been offering franchise opportunities with a starting investment of just ₹2 lakhs (may vary slightly based on city and lab size). This franchise offers attractive profit margins of 15-20%, making it a sound investment for healthcare entrepreneurs.

  • Industry: Diagnostics
  • Investment: ₹2 lakhs onwards (varies based on city & lab size)
  • Profit Margin: 15-20% (average)

Colorbar: Starting from ₹15 Lakhs

The cosmetics industry is ever-evolving, requiring continuous marketing efforts to stay relevant. ColorBar offers a makeup franchise opportunity in India. Their brand is known for high-quality, affordable makeup appealing to a wide audience. As a ColorBar franchisee, you’ll sell a variety of makeup and benefit from their understanding of the Indian beauty market. This lets you offer customers what they want: quality makeup at reasonable prices.

Colorbar offers franchise opportunities in India to sell their makeup and skincare products.

  • Minimum investment: ₹10 lakh – ₹20 lakh
  • Area required: 200 – 500 sq. ft.
  • Royalty fee: 25%
  • Franchise term: 5 years (renewable)
  • Support: Colorbar provides training and support to franchisees

Kathi Junction: Starting from ₹6 Lakhs

Kathi Junction offers a delicious franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the fast-food sector. They specialise in Kathi rolls, kebabs and other Indian street food favourites, with a variety of models to suit your needs and budget.

Franchise Models:

  • Model A (Food Court Express): Ideal for high-traffic locations like malls and food courts. Lower investment of ₹6-8 lakhs with a compact space of 200 sq. ft
  • Model B (Dining Restaurant): Suitable for establishing a sit-down restaurant experience. Investment ranges from ₹8-10 lakhs with a space requirement of 300 to 600 sq. ft.
  • Model C: A comprehensive dine-in experience. Requires a larger investment of ₹15-18 lakhs and space of 600 sq. ft. or more

Pepperfry: Starting from ₹15 Lakh

Pepperfry, a leading online furniture retailer in India, offers ideal entry-level franchise investment opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the growing furniture market. Known as the Pepperfry Accelerator Program (PAP), it requires a compact store space and a decent initial investment. This helps the franchisees to capitalise on their established brand and omnichannel presence to build a successful furniture retail business.

  • Investment Required: ₹15 lakhs minimum
  • Space Required: Minimum 400 sqft
  • Expected Pay Back Period: Approx. 12 Months
  • Support: Marketing, operations and staff training

DTDC: Starting from ₹50,000

The Desk-To-Desk-Courier is still one of the most popular and preferred services. Founded in 1990, they started as a courier service and have grown into a comprehensive end-to-end logistics player. While DTDC offers a low entry point, the profit margins may be lower compared to other franchise options.

  • 3 models (Category A, B or C)
  • Minimum space: 300-450 sq ft on the ground floor facing the road
  • Training and support provided by DTDC
  • ROI over 20%, break-even within a year
  • 10% royalty fee
  • 5% marketing cost

InXpress: Starting at ₹9 Lakhs

It is a global logistics and shipping franchise business offering a wide range of shipping and courier services. One of the biggest USPs of this brand is its ability to choose cost-effective carrier and service options based on specific customer requirements. It offers a great low-cost franchise business model, which helps you generate good returns.

  • Investment Required: ₹9 lakhs + GST
  • Space Required: 250-500 sqft
  • Profits & Margins: Approx. 30% in the first year
  • Expected Pay Back Period: 12-18 Months

Why choose a franchise business?

This is a question even we get asked a lot by budding entrepreneurs while exploring automobile franchise opportunities with CarzSpa Detailing Studios. And these are the reasons we tell them:

  • Reduced Risk: As a franchise business owner, you benefit from brand recognition and proven business models, minimising the risk of failure compared to a complete startup.
  • Support and Training: Franchisors like CarzSpa Detailing Studios provide comprehensive training to the franchise owner and its staff, apart from other forms of support like marketing assistance, lead generation and operational guidance.
  • Faster Growth: Franchise business allows you to tap into an existing customer base and benefit from established marketing strategies, accelerating your growth.

Some concluding thoughts

While listed above are the 10 best franchises to own in India, they’re ranked on the basis of the benefits and returns offered to the franchisees, apart from the initial investment being less than or up to ₹25 lakhs.

DISCLAIMER: The information mentioned in this article below is sourced from public platforms on the internet. Team CarzSpa does not guarantee the complete accuracy of the information provided and we recommend verifying the information with the franchises directly for the latest updates. If there are any changes or updates to be made to this article, reach out to customercare@carzspa.in.

What the brand CarzSpa does guarantee, is a strong ROI within 15 to 18 months of starting the detailing studio, given how rapidly the car care industry is growing and how seeking a car detailing service is becoming all the more common now. Make the right choice and put your money where it will grow!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is taking a franchise profitable?
Investing in a franchise is a great idea. You can enjoy a good profit margin from the beginning due to its existing brand reputation and audience demand.

2. Which franchise is a good idea right now?
Car detailing is a booming industry segment. It’s a great franchise to invest in. The demand for it is growing day by day and you can yield profits as one of the firsts in the industry.

3. What is the one major benefit of a franchise business?
You break even earlier than the usual expected time as the brand is already established and proven profitable.

4. Is it hard to run a franchise?
It’s actually easier to run a franchise if you like to follow guidelines and want to start earning profits right away. Franchising can be a simpler way of entering into the business sector.


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