Carzspa bangalore franchise

Bangalore Franchise Studio Anniversary

This week, CarzSpa Bangalore franchise studio completes 1st successful year in the business. CarzSpa Bangalore franchise studio ( Chandra Layout) also happens to be one of the flagship franchise studio of CarzSpa.

Carzspa bangalore franchise

Throughout this year, if you have followed CarzSpa closely, you must have seen plenty of videos and pictures of the detailing work done by Chandra layout, CarzSpa Bangalore franchise studio  on various platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We would highly recommend their Facebook page and Instagram account to all those who love to see new machines in the town, you will get to see cool super cars, super bikes and lots of car detailing there. They are the best in Bangalore when it comes to car detailing, ceramic coating as well as paint protection films (PPF) and on the way of becoming one of the finest detailing studios in India.

1 year is not a sufficient amount of time for any business to be as remarkable as they are! Where normal businesses meet their ends and reach around break even, CarzSpa Bangalore franchise studio with tremendous hard working capacity is gearing towards increasing the profits. Brand CarzSpa is lucky to have such brilliant franchises that are making CarzSpa’s complete network proud. Let’s have a look at some of the remarkable moments of CarzSpa Bangalore franchise studio.

The Launch Day

Yash on launch day min

They inaugurated CarzSpa franchisee studio on the grand note with more than 600 people on their guest list. KGF fame actor rocking star Yash was one of the chief guests of the event who also lit the lamp.

The Launch Day

CarzSpa Bangalore franchise studio
CarzSpa Bangalore franchise studio

One of the remarkable jobs they did was Wrapping Nissan GTR35 in Acid green color. The color and detailed wrapping just changed the complete look and feel of the car.  Check out the video when she roamed the Bangalore roads showing off her vibrant color. Watch the video here Nissan GTR35 on Bangalore roads (done at CarzSpa)

PPF on Ducati Monster

CarzSpa Bangalore franchise studio

PPF on Ducati monster was again an amazing job they enjoyed working on and we enjoyed looking at it while getting done. Just look at that sparkling yellow color! CarzSpa Bangalore franchisee studio worked hard to get that color and shine back and then started applying PPF to keep the hard earned color intact for years.

PPF on helmets!

CarzSpa franchisees

Yes, you read that right. Beauty of this profession is that not just CarzSpa franchisees but our clients are too very detail oriented and they want everything perfect whether it is their bike or their helmet. After all they have invested so much in their helmets as well; so protection is definitely needed.

CrystalShield ceramic coating on Tons of BMW and Mercedes

mercedes GLA red min

Loads of and various BMW and Mercedes models have been protected with CrystalShield ceramic coating by our Bangalore CarzSpa franchisee studio till now; to be specific, some of the jobs done on Mercedes GLA Gold, Mercedes AMG Red, BMW X5 were absolute treat to eyes.

It has been quite a wonderful journey by far. We wish CarzSpa Bangalore franchisee studio even greater success in coming years.


Picture of Sonika M

Sonika M

Sonika is the Franchise Development Manager at CarzSpa.

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