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While the world isn’t all black and white, the automobile sector in India surely is! Car owners have always preferred white cars, closely followed by black ones. The demand for black cars is particularly high in the luxury car segment, making up for 12 percent of the total sales, according to an Economic Times report.

Automobile companies have not shied away from this trend, and have been quick to jump on the bandwagon. In 2019, Tata Motors introduced the sleek and stealthy Harrier Dark Edition which featured a black paint scheme with some additional tweaks in silver. This served as an image overhaul to the company’s flagship model at that time.

Cut to 2021, and Tata Motors has done it yet again! The Dark Edition was expanded to other cars, including the Nexon, the Altroz, the Nexon EV, and a few additional style tweaks were also given to the Harrier.

The Dark Editions with their black color schemes with subtle silver or blue accents definitely upped the stealth quotient and luxury quotient of these cars! In 2020, BMW too launched the striking Dark Shadow Limited Edition of its X7 variant, which enhanced the luxury ambiance of the car. 

While black cars are the epitome of power, finesse, and class, a single scratch or a few specks of dust show a noticeable blemish. Maintaining a dark car may seem tedious because it is like an inviting, contrasting canvas to display even minor scratches, swirls, or dust. 

The truth is, that black cars aren’t more prone to scratches than any other color; the paint appears white when scratched, thus contrasting with the dark color. With so many companies manufacturing cars with fresh coats of glossy, black paint, it definitely isn’t the time to swear off dark cars for good! So, what can you do if you’ve got your heart set on buying one of the new Dark Editions rolling out?

The answer lies in the revolutionary graphene ceramic coatings that have been taking the car detailing industry by storm! This wonder material is made by adding graphene to ceramic coatings, to give it added benefits. These coatings are easy-to-clean, anti-static, and enhance the visual aesthetics of your brand-new luxury car, by adding an extra-silky gloss and depth to it, making it ultra-classy.

Graphene ceramic coatings perform especially well with dark cars, and in fact, seem tailor-made for them, so protecting them with a graphene coating like CrystalShield G10, is a wise choice.

Maybe, it is not a coincidence that both dark editions of cars, and graphene ceramic coatings, are currently the in-things in the automobile sector! If you’re planning to get your hands on the premium Dark Editions that have rolled out, go graphene, and set your car a class apart.

Let’s welcome #dark, with #graphene!



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