Car Detailing Vs Car Washing? Which is the right service for your beloved car?

It is 2022. Man is on Mars. Cars are driving themselves. Surely making your car look good has moved beyond a simple clean up and car polish. IT HAS!

Enter car detailing. People frequently mix up car detailing and car washing. But getting your car detailed professionally is a lot more than a simple car wash or even car polish. A car is one of the most significant investments in most of our lives. Maintaining your car inside and outside is an important part of preventive maintenance to make sure your beloved vehicle stays with you in good health for a long time.

How car detailing is misunderstood

Imagine a car being hosed down with water at great force, cleaning liquids being applied with mechanise brushes, more water down its sleek exterior and the car then being wiped dry on the outside. The crew then moves to the car’s interiors vacuuming it to get rid of all the superficial dirt. While this might seemingly give you a clean-looking car at a relatively low cost, this is not, as is commonly believed, car detailing.

Even with all the mechanise brushes and fancy leaning liquids, the usual car wash process does not leave the car in better shape than before. Infact, this kind of cleaning can actually harm your car’s paint job. If the cloth or brush, used in the drying process is dirty or contaminated with dirt or used on some other parts of the car before being used on paint, the “cleaning” can cause permanent car paint damage.

The main distinction then between a detailed car washing and car detailing is the degree of cleaning. While the first is designed to clean the surface in order to prevent environmental debris from damaging your vehicle’s clear coat, car detailing is a maintenance service that includes deep car interior cleaning services to remove both visible and non-visible contaminants from the car’s interior and restoring the shine of the car’s paint surface. Car detailing extends the life of your vehicle, especially when done by trained experts such as the crew at a CarzSpa Car Detailing Studio near you. Find out if there is one in your city visit our CarzSpa Studio page.

Let’s dig deeper into Car Detailing?

Car detailing is the process of deep cleaning and restoring your vehicle’s exterior and interior. Detailing is used to restore the shine and gloss of your car’s paint surface as well as to remove scratches, swirl marks, and dullness caused by everyday environmental damage.

Every part of the car is meticulously cleaned. The wheels and tyres are wiped down with high-quality towels that are never in contact with any other part of the vehicle. The exterior body of the vehicle is hand-washed to ensure absolutely no damage occurs to the paint job, and coated with some form of protective coating such as CystalShield Ceramic Coating, Graphene Ceramic Coating or PPF.

Known to provide the best car detailing service for your vehicle, here’s what car detailing includes at any CarzSpa Studio:

  • One step polish and wax
  • Decontamination and surface refinement
  • Intensive car interior cleaning
  • Ozone air purification
  • Genuine Leather Treatment
  • Head and Tail Light restoration
  • Alloy wheel polishing
  • Glass treatment
  • Water spots removal
  • Trims restoration

Once the above processes are done, a professional and trained car detailer will coat the vehicle with one of the ceramic coats or PPF of your choice. This coat enhances the paint on your car by giving it a shiny gloss, while the nano ceramic products shield the paint from future UV damage and also prevent foreign objects, such as dirt and dust, from sticking to the surface.

A sneak-peek into the premium grade detailing done at CarzSpa Studios

It’s not just the exterior, the interiors get some TLC too

A dirty cabin not only looks bad but also smells bad, and it can cause operational issues. At CarzSpa Detailing Studios, we provide car interior cleaning services in India too as a part of the expert detailing job we do. The interior of the car is professionally detailed with the same care as the exterior. It takes some time and quite a bit of effort to get into the cracks and crevices with the proper tools. Plastic, leather, and other hard surfaces are cleaned as well. Only a professional car detailer knows that certain surfaces, such as expensive touch screens, could be damaged by using the wrong products.

To drive home our point, we at CarzSpa Studios can only give a cricketing analogy. Is having the best bat enough if you want to hit a six? No, you’ll need the right skills and technique, as well as a high-quality bat. If you have both skills and a good bat, but it is raining heavily, hitting a six will still be extremely difficult. The difference between Car Washing and Car Detailing is similar to playing cricket, one in the gully, another professionally. CarzSpa Studios use specialised tools, proper techniques, and teams that are expert detailers to perform the best detailing jobs.

Drive down to your nearest CarzSpa Car Detailing Studio today to give your car the love and care it deserves from the best car detailing service provider in India. You can also drop us an email or give us a call on +91 9904089900 to get help!



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