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Titanium And Ceramic Coatings

Paint protection & correction. Mirror Gloss effect, 1 to 5 years of warranty, Ceramic/titanium coating, Fire resistant, hydrophobic – water replant technology.

A chemical that has a ceramic paint protection film. Which creates coating upto 9h++(h=hardness quotient) with multiple layers on the clear coat of the car to protect the original paint.

What’s the advantage?

Over the time cars paint erodes due to the effects of sunlight, UV radiation, acid rain, salt, dirt, bird droppings, air pollution. With best in business Rupes DA polishers with advance technology compounds which unlike traditional rotary polisher cut minimal to renew the paint. It gives NEW LOOK TO PAINTED SURFACES by repairing the scratches, swirls marks, dullness etc.

What brand of products we use?

Aquartz, NanoCeramic, Clear FX

Does it come with warranty?

Yes, it does. Based on the layers applied, it comes with warranty of 1 to 5 long years.

Does it mean, car won’t have scratches during warranty period?

No, it is a myth. No coatings can save a car from scratches, who ever commits this is a liar. This protection layer guards our car’s clear coat (the real paint) by taking swirls and scratches on it, just like a mobile screen guard. By warranty, we mean that one is hiring a body guard for car’s paint for 1 to 5 years of job, so it will be there for said period and protect the paint.

Head Light Restoration

Removes scratches, haziness, oxidation and pollution from headlight and increase visibility and looks

Headlight restoration is the act of refinishing aged headlight, succumbed to oxidation and environmental hazards of travel, weather and exposure to chemicals. CAUSING REDUCED NIGHT TIME VISIBILITY. A new, innovative system for refinishing weathered and scratched plastic and poly carbonate lenses.


Head Light Restoration  Headlight



Glass Treatment

Increases quality of vision by removing fume films, scratches. water and dust repellent.

A treatment that removes fume film and light scratches, and largely improves the quality of night vision and overall visibility. cuts glare of on-coming headlights. Also acts as a water and dust repellent and improve visibility during rain. Beads water, One coat lasts up to a year. Technology used is called “Anti Glare and Nano glass coating”

Recommended to people

Who drive a lot, have quite old car, drives on highway almost everyday, lives in metro city or a city with high pollution or simply a car lover who wants perfectly maintained car.


CarzSpa Glass Treatment 1  CarzSpa Glass Treatment 2  CarzSpa Glass Treatment 3

These are the pictures of a car that needed glass treatment thoroughly and this awesome result has been produced by our Bangalore franchisee “Deepak CarzSpa”

Interior Coating

Forget changing seat covers forever. Coat your car interior & upholstery to save from spillage & stains.

Gone are the days when coatings were just to protect car paint. We have something new to offer! A water based, odourless and are 100% breathable interior. It turns your upholstery and carpets into a super water repelling surface that resists unwanted liquid and stain. Saving you from the headache of a stained upholstery.

How else is it useful?

Beautiful thing about this coating is that not just cars but we can also coat our clothes, sofa covers, shoes or any fabric based material from getting spoilt by any kind of spillage.

CarzSpa interior coating for household things

CarzSpa interior coating for upholstrey

Intensive Interior Cleaning – Vac n Blo

Uses steam vapour, vacuuming & relevant chemicals to make a car germ free leaving fragrance of purity.

Our latest equipment like Metrovac vacuum cleaner with special detailing attachments, Steam Vapour machine, Lather Foam Machine, Spray Extraction Machine & Bio Degradable cleaners gives an intensive cleaning to all rubber beading’s, seat (fabric, leather) belts, A.C. Vents, dash board console carpets, ceiling, door jambs, dicky & all rubber and fabric mats making car “Germ Free”. U.V. protection dressing to all vinyl, plastic, rubber giving your car spotless, shiny, glossy interior.

Major scratches come on car surface during car washing & drying and to avoid that we simply do not touch car surface after washing. We simply blow all the water from the surface to dry it up with our awesome Metro Vac vacuum cleaner.  Watch the video to understand more.

Bad odour removing – in 1 go for 1 year

Removes heavy smells like smoking, puke, cow dung, food, any kind of spillage & sterilises it.

The car is being treated with OZONE AIR PURIFIER after interior cleaning making it germ free. It STERILIZES interior and help purify the air quality and remove any odour in car cabin thus helping you to prevent any health risk. As Ozone gas is used in sterilising, it is called Ozone Treatment.

We also use Clean AirA nano Tio2 photo catalyst treatment, the next generation of air purification technology.

CleanAir is an advanced high-end grade air purification coating from the latest nano-science technology – Photo-catalyst. In the presence of light, active oxygen is formed and excited on the CleanAir treated surface to destroy all micro-sized air pollutants that land on it, including petro fumes, smog, diesel smoke,exhaust gases,industrial smoke, mold, chemical off-gassing or VOCs from car fabric, leather and plastic materials, air toxins, cigarette odour etc.

Advantages over conventional deodorising methods:

1) Creates purified air by destroying odour molecules in the air without adding other harmful chemicals.
2) Decomposes odour caused by different chemicals such as tobacco smoke, pet feces, cleaning agents, rotten food products, etc
3) Long-lasting air purifying effect. Nano Tio2 continuously purifies air for up to 1 year.
4) Requires little or no maintenance. Saves time & money